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Assassins Creed Identity

Assassins Creed Identity

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A new game in the series Assassin’s Creed was a real surprise for the windowsills of the franchise and all the other players. The game is called Identity and is not another “card solitaire” or side-scroller. This is a real game, for which we loved the series Assassin’s Creed.

The action takes place again in Italy, this time during the Renaissance. Tasks are randomly generated, based on 16 basic themes. Management simplified to make it easy to play on mobile devices, with the help of virtual joysticks you can move and look around, and the movement is implemented with simple taps.

The graphics is popular among the developers of the Unity engine, so the picture quality is no need to worry, it is above all praise. So far, Identity is available only to owners of Apple products, but Ubisoft promises an early release of the game on Android.

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