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Game description: Bladeslinger

The style of the Wild West is unique, and if there are still monsters, everything becomes very interesting and unpredictable. Bladeslinger game for Android and iOS is designed for all fans of such genre as Western. The rest of the players will also enjoy it thanks to the fascinating story and wonderful graphics.

In the center of the plot a cowboy who comes home and finds that there are many strange supernatural creatures. The hero immediately enters into battle with monsters, and uses everything possible, shoots weapons and uses magic. Given the opportunity to choose between types of control, one hand to control the situation or just two. Cowboy is able to run, stop, make turns, inspect the area, in battles with enemies to use several methods of combat at the same time.

The player can choose in Bladeslinger one of several modes, arena or history, which contain a certain number of levels. Killing a monster cowboy gets gold, for which you can buy upgrades or items. The more the player passes the levels, the more enemies become. Who have these or other abilities and a certain strength.

The game amazes with realistic 3D graphics, where there are also a variety of weather conditions. Download Bladeslinger for Android or iOS and feel like a real hero fighting for justice. In the image of a fearless cowboy defeat evil and protect the world from a terrible curse.

You can download Bladeslinger for free from the link below:

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