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3DS Emulator

3DS Emulator

Download 3DS Emulator and play Nintendo 3DS game roms using your PC or Android device. It is updated and 100% working. Get the latest version of amazing this emulator tool and experience bug free gaming. It simply means that 3d animations and effects will much faster and fluid, save and load problems are also fixed, and lastly you also do not have to worry about where to get bios updates because the latest version has now integrated it as its component. Aside from those mentioned above, Nintendo 3DS Emulator and its supported game roms can now be yours for free.

We all have been kids before, and it has been really a fascinating experience looking back during those times playing with Nintendo Gameboy games. As technology advanced, so is our gaming experience. Now with Nintendo 3DS, games have been richer and more engaging, unfortunately, not all of us can afford one. But you still have a chance of playing your favorite Nintendo 3Ds games like Pokemon X and Y, with the latest 3DS emulator that you can get for free here. Not to mention, you can also get free 3DS game roms here. Check and follow the instructions for 3DS emulator below.


  1. Download the emulator and the game rooms
  2. Extract the downloaded files with either Winrar, Winzip, or 7zip
  3. Locate the 3Ds Emulator.exe and run as administrator (for PC)
  4. Copy and install .apk files (for rooted Android device)
  5. Load the game rom you want (No need to download or update the BIOS)
  6. Configure settings and enjoy playing 3DS games!

Get a copy of the latest Nintendo 3DS Emulator with its updated BIOS and start playing 3DS games for free.

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