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Game information:

  • Release date: 2018
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie, Simulation
  • Developer: Crows Crows Crows, Squash Games

Game description

Accounting+ Game

Fun and unusual in its execution of the game, which was presented to the world in the adventure genre. You’ll be able to meet their favorite characters as well as face a rather strange inhabitant of this crazy little world.

There are good drawings, cartoon graphics, and a fascinating storyline. You will be engaged in a variety of things like cleaning your office from dirt, pulling the battery out of the refrigerator, playing board games with the residents. You will get into virtual reality which is practically impossible to get out of. There is no place for common sense here; it’s all about madness, which is what you will become.

History will tell you about the main character who has been engaged in accounting all his adult life. Accounting is quite a popular and noble profession, and you’ll find yourself in a completely different reality to cope with all the tests that it has prepared for you.

Developers have identified a number of dangers in the game. For example, you are not advised to play the game after midnight, and some characters are completely unfriendly and can take your life at any time. You will face human corruption, which you will carry out on your own, thereby violating the law.


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System requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Video card: GTX 970
  • Soundcard: DirectX
  • Free hard disk space: 1 GB

Download Accounting+ for PC

Download Accounting+

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