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Where is the Albacore, Tuna and Squid?! Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Albacore

I have been fishing in the ocean several times during the times specified during the winter and haven’t caught a Tuna.

And I just got the quest for an Albacore, and it mentions that it likes the edges of warm and cold water, does that mean to look where the river meets the ocean or something else?

I have been fishing on the beach at night when it snows around the time specified for the getting the squid and again nothing is showing up, I am catching everything but the squid.



  • Fall & Winter
  • Found in Ocean
  • Weather: Any
  • Must be caught between 6 am -11 am in Fall and 6 pm – 2 am in Winter


  • Summer & Winter
  • Found in Ocean
  • Weather: Any
  • Must be caught between 6 am – 7 pm


  • Winter
  • Weather: Any
  • Found in Ocean
  • Must be caught between 6 pm – 2 am

At the ocean, it doesn’t matter where you fish but maybe it might help to change spots. From my own experience, I usually catch tunas in the summer in front if Willy’s shop but like I said, it doesn’t matter where but maybe try to change spots every day.

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