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Are chickens good business?

Stardew Valley Chicken

I just started playing last night, and i was wondering if its good to focus mainly on raising lots of chickens, I love chickens, and i would love them to be my primary focus.

Is raising live stock just a little side thing you can only have a small amount of? or could i build big and make it my farm’s main focus?

And do you only get eggs from them? or meat and eggs?

Also What crops are good to grow if i have chickens (whats their favorite food?)

The First Opinion

I believe Chickens have the best yield out of the coop animals. However, none of them are particularly good. They lay eggs every day and you can turn the eggs into mayo for a nice profit boost.

Build a silo before buildings for animals. They eat grass that you harvest with the scythe, or they’ll eat it right out of the ground outside of the winter season or rainy weather. But you don’t want them to starve when it rains, so you need the silo first. You can also buy hay from Marnie when she’s open.

Crops, in general, are the best source of income, particularly when you make jars or kegs to process them. Sprinklers are also pretty important. A barn full of Pigs is also pretty profitable. You unlock different animals by upgrading your Barn/Coop.

Second Opinion

Chicken Guide

You can absolutely have a chicken farm! I would recommend growing at least minimal crops to earn money during the first year or so, especially if you’re going to complete the Community Center.

Chickens can be bought for 800G, and in lieu of getting any meat products, you can sell chickens for profit (a 5-heart chicken sells for 1040G, a profit of 240G). You can also sell the eggs or turn them into mayonnaise. You can choose the Rancher/Coopmaster skills when you level up your Farming in order to get eggs to incubate faster and make more money off selling eggs. Alternatively, you can go Tiller/Artisan to make extra money off of selling mayonnaise.

You may also want to look into upgrading your coop(s) and having at least one each of ducks and rabbits, just for the diversity.

Third Opinion

Chicken Farming

I’ve never tried it and if I found that more than 5% of players had tried it I’d be shocked.

You get eggs, which you can sell, use to make more chickens, or turn into mayonnaise and sell. You can sell chickens but I don’t know how that compares with selling mayonnaise, and it might compare very badly.

The farming crops route is well known by everyone and chickens are not, but you might be able to find a hardcore Stardew chicken farming youtube video online. Someone out there has tried everything.

  • What crops are good to grow if i have chickens (whats their favorite food?)

Chickens eat hay. If you build a silo you can collect it by cutting down grass with your scythe. If you are seriously trying to compete with farming income you might not be able to grow enough hay and might have to buy it from Marnie.

The thing about coops also is that they are expensive to install, so if you tried to bootstrap this with chicken profits it might take you a long time.

If you farmed crops for a year you could have enough money for a lot of coops.

Fourth opinion

Yes, chickens are great for high profits, but you have to set up first.

You’ll need a solo in proximity to your coops and grass.

You’ll also need the mayo presses, one for each chicken or duck you have. Then make sure you pet and feed them every day, so they can yield eggs. The more they love you, the higher quality the egg.

After that, enjoy the decently large profit margins. Coops can give you great funding for really anything else you want to do.

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