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Stardew Valley Barn and Barn Animal

Barn Stardew Valley

A Stardew Valley barn is a farm building which houses farm animals. You can buy or upgrade your barn at the carpenter’s shop from Robin. Building a barn takes three days while a Stardew Valley barn upgrade takes just two days.

Stardew Valley building costs vary, and that applies to the different barn types. Operating a barn will earn you reasonable amounts of gold.

Types of barn animals

Animal Barn


It costs 1500g to buy a cow from Marnie at the ranch once you’ve gotten your barn. Cows come in two colors, brown and white. However, you don’t get to choose when making a purchase, the game does that for you, automatically.

It takes a cow five game days to mature after which it starts producing milk which players can collect and sell. Cows can produce two forms of milk; milk which costs 125g and large milk which sells for 190 in gold.

To get the more valuable large milk, you must improve your friendship points with the cow; achieve this by milking with pails that cause a five-point increase in friendship level with cows.



Goats are also purchased from Marnie at his ranch, but goats require a big barn in Stardew Valley. Each goat costs 4000g. As with cows, goats mature and start to produce milk that sells for 225g after five days. Goats produce milk once every two days. Increasing your friendship with the goats will make them produce large goat milk.


Sheep Barn Stardew Valley

Again, Marnie’s place is where you buy a sheep. It takes a deluxe barn and 8,000g to own a sheep. Your sheep will produce wool, and you’ll need shears from Marnie’s place to collect the goat wool and sell for 340g. Wool can be collected once per three days. Make sure you keep your sheep fed and maintain its happiness level at 70 points or higher.

The time needed for your sheep to produce wool will be reduced by a day if you choose a shepherd profession. Increase your friendship points with a sheep to 900 or more and the waiting time will be reduced again by one day.


Pig Barn Stardew Valley

Pigs can be acquired at Marnie’s ranch for 16,000 in Gold. Just like with a sheep, you’ll need a deluxe barn in Stardew Valley. It takes ten days for pigs to mature in the game after which they begin to dig up truffles which can be sold for 625g.

To ensure that your pigs get you truffles, certain conditions must be met, and they are listed below:

  • Pigs must be allowed to wander outdoors.
  • Pigs cannot create truffles when it rains or during winter.
  • Pigs require a natural pasture zone to create truffles, hard ground like bare floor or gravel will yield no results.

And that’s it. You’ve got all the info you need to keep your barn maximally productive. There won’t be the need to waste precious time checking on when cows and goats will produce milk or when your pigs will have some precious truffles ready for you.

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