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Cow – Dairy Animal

Cows Stardew Valley

A Cow is a dairy animal that can be obtained at Marnie’s Ranch in Stardew Valley cows, in the wake of owning a Barn. Dairy animals come in two assortments: White and Brown. When obtaining a cow, there is a 50/50 probability whether you will get a white or darker standard valley cow; you cannot choose.


Stardew Valley Produce Cows

Cows develop after five days, and soon they will produce Milk each morning, except if they are cranky, in which case draining them will result in the exchange.  At the point when friendship is sufficiently high, they will produce Large Milk. Milk can be gathered utilizing a Milk Pail. Milking a cow can build real companionship.

A Cow can be sold. The selling price is subject to what number of hearts the creature has (1,950g max).

Appropriately caring for your Cows in Stardew Valley will result in them creating a better income for your ranch. They can reproduce if you have a major stable (barn), and you can sell cows in case you’re no longer interested in caring for them. This Stardew Valley animal guide will train and teach you to know how to care for cows and get large milk.

Step by step instructions to get Cows

Instructions to get Cows

It’s beneficial to have a storehouse (silo), and stores of hay built up before putting resources in the rearing of this animal, Stardew Valley animal guide can help as well if you run out of food you will have to buy hay.

To get Cows (buying), you should initially have no less than a consistent measured animal dwelling place (regular size barn) on your ranch of around 6, 000G, with 350 Wood and 150. Once the barn is built, you can buy Stardew Valley cows. You can house up to 4 cows in a small barn, which can be moved when you reach a limit of 8 (big barn) and 12 (deluxe barn) When you first get the cows, they will be babies and can’t yet deliver. Care for them a couple of days, and they’ll develop into grown-ups.

Getting Milk

Getting Milk Stardew Valley

Milking cows require a milk pail. You may get expansive drain, contingent upon the heart level of each cow.

Purchasing a Milk Pail from Cow Stardew Valley, you can milk your cows each day. The more joyful a cow, the more hearts it has, the more likely it is to produce more milk, which essentially means more cash. You can make significantly more by turning your normal milk into cheese with multiple presses and may also use the milk in cooking or providing it as gifts to villagers.

Large milk is worth more by itself, turning it into cheese is more profitable. Normal milk is 100G and goes for 160G when transformed into cheese. Large milk is worth 150G and winds up 240G as gold-quality cheese.

Caring for Cows

Caring for Cows Stardew Valley

Every day interact with them and make them cheerful. When they’re old enough, you’ll use the milk pail as well and get even more heart points from the two actions. Know that milking them can sometimes fail if they walk outside the range, so try to line it up well and pay attention to whether you get milk.

Checking their present heart level is possible after you’ve given them friendship. It’ll demonstrate to you the age of the animal and gives you the chance to turn off reproduction for that cow.

On rainy days or during winter, use the hopper inside the barn to get 4 hay each click. Lay it on the platform by the hopper, so the animals have access to it. This hay comes from your silo reserves, which are filled by chopping grass with the Stardew Valley scythe tool.

Don’t bother opening the barn door on those days and get your animals one heater per building.

Your cows will live on whether you feed them or starve them; however, it will be more joyful and more beneficial to the cows with more affection. When you get a deluxe barn, it will auto-feed the animals. You should still let them outside, the auto-feed will just ensure you don’t forget to give them some food on a rainy day.

Given this knowledge, Stardew Valley walkthrough could help too, and guarantee that these cows get the best. They’re worth a little more for each heart you’ve gained. Failing to do so results in numerous penalties.

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