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What’s the use of diamonds? Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Diamond

If you build crystalariums, they can be a pretty solid source of income, especially if you’re still working on filling up your greenhouse with ancient fruits. At 750 a pop every 5 days, it’s fairly lucrative, especially considering that your investment is a single diamond (and the crystalarium itself obviously).

Sure, the materials for the crystalarium(s) are initially daunting, given the relative scarcity of iridium in your first year or so, but once you hit your 3rd/4th year you’ll probably be rolling in gold and iridium bars. At that point, why not plonk down a few dozen of the buggers and grow diamonds. Or any mineral really, I grow fire opals because I like the colour.

I used to run diamonds in my crystalariums, now I use gold star fire quartz, it gives the same amount of money (750 per 5 days) but in 150 per day increments.

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