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Forest Farm – Best Farm, here is why! Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Forest Farm

So the farm areas of 1.1 are mainly criticised for lacking in farm soil compared to the original, but with a few playthroughs I have come to the conclusion that Forest Farm is better than others and the standard. I would even say that it is so good, it might be strictly better than the other options, rather than an alternative as it was meant to be.

To name a few solid advantages:

  • Weeds that give mixed seeds. You can get 20+ mixed seeds in your first week by reaping your farmland only. That is such a big early lead at the beginning where you would sell your coal and wood just to buy another seed.
  • Renewable stumps. The leftmost part of your land basically is a conveniently close Secret Woods. Considering that on other maps you have to travel all the way to southwest (furthest place to go with mine and totem coverage) and have an iron axe to access that feature. The efficiency is just ridiculously good. You’ll have all the hardwood you need for stable and house upgrades by the time you have obtained the other requirements for them.
  • Forage items. You can now get enough shrooms for comm. center/ recipes so you will select the fruit bats for your cave, covering almost all your needs in your first year.

Forest Farm

From my standpoint, other farm areas provide you with things that you would get from places you will travel to anyway, while forest farm makes a place you wouldnt want to travel almost obsolete. (Maybe you can catch woodskip in forest farm as well, haven’t tried).

About farm space: If you use the green areas for buildings you’ll have more farming area than you need. With all buildings built, it has more farm soil than the other maps except standard. And i find that the standard map farm area is just so big, you wouldn’t want to fill it with crops unless you want to spend a good portion of your days picking up produce (or you have a thing for big and neatly organized farms like some of us in this subreddit which I deeply respect).

Also having an overgrown forest on the borders looks better than the cliffs of standard farm in my opinion. Can look fantastic with the right decoration.

tl;dr: Forest Farm is the best farm if you evaluate farms based on functionality, community center goals and profit maximization.

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