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How long after Grandpa’s Evaluation do you continue to play?

Stardew Valley Grandpa

On my first playthrough and I’m about to enter Summer of my Third Year, got the statue of perfection on the first evaluation. My motivation to play kind of hit a wall though, I’ve got a semi-decent set up for my farm (looks pretty ugly, but a nice variety of crops, Beehives, animals and artisinal production) and it just feels like with the money coming in there’s little left to work for. I could save up for things like super expensive Wizard buildings, but I don’t see much of the point. I’m also missing some artifacts and recipes, but there’s no enjoyment to that, it’s just hoping I get lucky.

I think the game maybe died for me when I started making enough money that I stopped being concerned with it at all. It means things like a new harvest or just some new kegs lose all meaning, because what’s the difference when either way you make more money than you’ll ever need?

I think I might try some kind of challenge playthrough for a second attempt, like avoiding any of the really big money makers, but I’m not sure exactly what.

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