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I think I regret marrying Shane… help! Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Shane

I mean… it might not be specific to Shane, but is anyone else regretting (in-game) marriage? I feel like I want to divorce him and return to the single life… or, rather, return him to the single life.

Some reasons why:

  • He only leaves the house once or twice a week, and whenever he does, he always has to justify it. “If I don’t come to the saloon, Gus will go out of business.” “It’s only a joja cola, don’t worry!” “I’m going out today, is that okay?” It feels like he thinks I’m keeping him locked up or something.
  • He goes to bed at 10pm. 10pm!! I don’t even go to bed that early.
  • His room is an absolute mess, and until I install a mod to change it, I’m stuck with it. Minus the footprints and cans on the floor it’d probably be fine. I wanted him to bring his own personality to the house, but, seriously, his room at Marnie’s was neater!
  • Considering his development before marriage, I feel like since he’s married me he’s reverted back or even worsened: filthy bedroom, moping around the house all day doing nothing, no job, etc. Most of his dialogue to me is negative, like “what else is there to do all day?” which doesn’t make me feel great about the cushy life I’m providing him with.
  • He’s always stood in front of the cooker whenever I want to use it.
  • Marnie and Jas don’t seem to care that he’s moved out or that I’ve married him. “Shane has been living at my place the past few months,” said Marnie today. I thought there’d be some kind of change in dynamics between my relationship with them, but alas…
  • He doesn’t like me giving presents to Elliott. But I want to give presents to Elliott, because Elliott says nicer things to me when I give him presents, and he knows that I know him well enough to know what his favourite things are… unlike Shane, who seems surprised every time I act as though I know him.
  • Despite what he says, he does not help on the farm. “I filled the cat’s water bowl for you!” – great, thanks. “I fixed the fences!” – they’re hardwood, but great, thanks. “I watered the crops!” – I have sprinklers, you idiot.
  • He only visits Charlie once a week and won’t let me look after him. I feel for that poor neglected chicken.

Is he like this because of himself, or is it my character’s fault? But in all seriousness, does this bother anyone else? And if my character marries another of the singles, will she get… a better life?!

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