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My last day of fishing – Stardew Valley

I don’t think I want to go fishing ever again.

I made a file that did nothing but fishing. I reached the 1 million gold achievement with the file during my first summer on the 25th

1 million gold.

Skill levels.

I decided to pick up all of my crab pots the following day.

Things I learned while doing this:

  1. Legend shows up several times in Spring. Maybe because it only shows up on rainy days?
  2. Legend wouldn’t show up the one time I didn’t sell my Legends from the previous day. I admit I didn’t feel like resetting to see if I was just having bad luck that day.
  3. Crimsonfish never showed up again after I caught the first one, even after selling it.
  4. Pierre still calls me a farmer even though I’ve never planted a crop.
  5. I probably should’ve just picked up all my crab pots and put them in the shipping container to reach 1 million faster.
  6. I’m a millionaire bumpkin.

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