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Okay so lets talk about Kent – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Kent

Getting right down to business I think Kent should do more things in the game. Like he comes in during Year 2. Okay what does he do, from my experience, talks about how its a good day to fish and how its so weird to be back home. Okay I get it you just got back from the army and have a hard time readjusting to life, but that is all that he does he has like one heart event I think. That was all about popcorn reminding him of the war. There should be more heart events for him to help him to get some semblance of his life before. Another suggestion to make Kent better is that he participates in the events.

Like the Egg Festival, his own son is it. He should be doing it with his son trying to get himself back into his family’s life, and this will make the Egg Festival harder or something like that. Now instead of beating Abigail, you have to beat Kent. Or in the Festival of Ice, he enters the fishing competition, there is an extra spot on the small lake. He talks about fishing all the time and he could be doing that to show Sam how its done because Sam does not know how to fish. So this could make the Ice Festival, you guess it, harder because you now have to beat Kent.

So that was just some ideas to make the second year more interesting and Kent.

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