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Pigs are absolutely awful – Stardew Valley

Pig Barn Stardew Valley

Pigs produce ~1.9 truffles/day if you let them out the entire day, but they’re not the best choice for “intensive capitalism”. They are great if you have a bit of extra space available and do not want more than 1 barn.

Disclaimer: These tests were performed in 1.2 beta build.

Greetings, today i ran a test to see how frequently pigs and rabbits would produce. I’ve let them do their thing for 71 days and i’ve collected the results (pigs grow 4 days later, so only 67 days for them).

Rabbits consistently produce once every 4 days regardless of friendship, however, their produce will improve with it.

Meanwhile, pigs, on average, produce once every 7.4 days!

Over 67 days2 pigs produced 19 truffle.

Over 33 days at 5 stars, they produced 9 truffle.

Which leads to an efficiency of ~14%.

Additionally, friendship level did not improve truffle quality, this doesn’t matter since botanist is a thing, but it’s worth noting that 0 star pigs produce just as often as 5 star pigs.

Lastly, they don’t produce during winter and rainy days.

conclusion: pigs are terribad in the current 1.2 beta build, don’t bother with them (unless you’re looking to complete bundles and/or roleplay).

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