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How am I supposed to catch the pufferfish?

Stardew Valley Pufferfish

I’m fishing in the ocean from twelve to four. I can tell when it’s a pufferfish, too; it’s the one damn thing I can’t catch. The other fish don’t put up too hard a fight. Then, on rare occasion, I get a fish that just jumps up and down the entire spectrum sporadically, making it seemingly impossible to catch. That must be the pufferfish.

My only question is… HOW?! Do I seriously have to just guess which direction it’s about to move in and get lucky? Is there some kind of upgrade that makes this easier?


How to Catch Fish

Luck is definitely a factor. However, I caught three in one day with the Iridium Rod (edited, misremembered) and Trap Bobber at level 6 or 7 fishing. From the wiki: “The Trap Bobber is a Tackle, that helps fishing by causing the “catching” bar to decrease 66% slower.” It’s extremely useful for catching fish that pop out of your fishing bar constantly.

For movement, basically just focus on reacting as quickly as you can. I tried to predict the movements and it worked… sort of. When the fish was closer to the top of the blue range, I tried to keep the fish at the top of my green fishing bar so that I had a little bit more time to release and ‘follow’ the fish when it bobbed down. When the fish was closer to the bottom of the blue range, I did the opposite–kept the fish at the bottom of the green fishing bar. I also did a lot of rapid clicking so that the movements of the green fishing bar weren’t big zoomy motions. Makes for better small motions so you don’t overshoot the fish when it goes around.

I still lost a couple of pufferfish on the same day. I also use the mini-hack of opening the quest menu while fishing to save time so that helped too.

Hope at least some of this information is helpful. Good luck!

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