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Stardew Valley: Fall Crops

Stardew Valley Best Fall Crops

Crop Growth Times, Sell Prices, and Profit Per Day

Stardew Valley Fall Crops

The following is a list of all the fall crops in Stardew Valley that are growing and their basic prices. There is also indicated the time for which the culture grows and the prices for the purchase of seed for her in the store. The list begins with the most profitable crops that will give the most harvest. If you apply fertilizer to them, the harvest will be many times more. Don’t forget to look at the timing when the season starts. You can plant something in a short time to get the maximum profit, and then grow some vegetables or fruits to gather up money for quality seeds for better profits in the future.

Fall Crops in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Fall Crops Season

CropCostGrowsSellProfit$ per day
Cranberries$2407 days$130-$110$39/day
Cranberries at maturity can be harvested for more every 5 days. This makes them a long-term winner. The stated profit is should you get to harvest them a total of 5 times before Winter.
Pumpkin$10013 days$320$220$16.9/day
Pumpkin can become a giant crop if planted in 3×3 grids. The larger the grid, the better – you’re more likely to have them grow double yield with more chances. 4×12, for example, gives many opportunities.
Artichoke$308 days$160$130$16.2/day
Artichokes are available in the general store from the 2nd Fall onward.
Grapes$6010 days$80$20$15/day
Produces fruit every 3 days when it’s done growing. For a full month, grapes can be harvested a total of 6 times for $480.
Beets$206 days$100$80$13.3/day
Beets can be bought from Oasis, when you take the bus unlocked after you’ve complted the Vault Bundle at the Community Center.
Amaranth$707 days$150$80$11.4/day
Yam$6010 days$160$100$10/day
I ranked this above Eggplant, because you’ll get your money back much faster with Yams.
Eggplant$205 days$60$40$10/day
Eggplant continues to produce every 5 days upon maturity. This means you can harvest it 5x during Fall for a profit of $280=$10/day
Bok Choy$504 days$80$30$7.5/day
Fairy Rose$20012 days$290$90$7.5/day
Corn$15014 days$50-$100$7.4
For Corn to be profitable, you must plant it at the beginning of Summer and harvest it through Fall. It manages a scant $1.9/day if you only plant it for one season and manage 4 harvests (it is available every 4 days after maturity). Corn is involved in two bundles, so I’d advise you to buy a few and fertilize them so that you can get a gold star Corn for Quality Crops and an extra for the Fall Crops Bundle.
Sunflower$2008 days$80-120-$15/day
Sure, Sunflowers belong low but they’re not the worst crop. You *may* get up to 3 sunflower seeds by harvesting these. So they can be planted again, free. It comes out to where you get just about the same amount that you planted in my experience. So you can continue Sunflowers for a long time after buying some.

After studying the table, you can see that cranberries are the most profitable crop for sowing in the fall. The money received for it will help you to live the winter season.

Do not forget that there is a certain list of products that are used in cooking recipes, and this is a good reason to grow them. Also, some of them used in Bundles and need to complete the Community Center.

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