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Stardew Valley: Silos

Stardew Valley Silo

Stardew Valley How To Use Silo

Stardew Valley gives you the liberty to build stuff to ensure you stay maximally productive. One item you can build is a silo. You may also decide to buy one from Robin at his carpentry house shop. If you decide to build it yourself, it will take you a couple of days to complete your silo.

Silos are used as storage facilities for hay. Hay can be purchased from Marnie’s ranch; each piece will cost you 50 in gold. Alternatively, hay can be obtained by using a scythe to prune grasses – do not use your sword for this purpose. There is a 50% chance that each grass unit will drop one piece of hay.

Up to 240 hay units can be stored in a silo and players have the freedom to use them however they deem fit.

The crucial question here is, do players really need a silo?

Also, I’m sure curious readers are already thinking of how to build a silo in Stardew Valley. So, let’s get into it.

Advantages of having a silo

Stardew Valley Advantages Silo

You need several things to be successful at animal farming in the game; grass and hay are right at the top of that list. Animals produce valuables like eggs, milk and so on but you need to keep them happy if you hope to get the most from them. Animals usually don’t mind going out under clear skies to do what they love the most, munch grass. However, when it rains or during the winter, they will refuse to head out to graze, but you need to keep your livestock fed, or else they become unhappy and unproductive.

The need for a silo in Stardew Valley should be obvious by now. As already stated, when weather conditions are unfavorable, animals will not go out to feed. So, to prevent spending a significant amount of money, time and effort buying hay, you must literally save some hay for a rainy day – and winter.

Using a silo – Vital Tips

Stardew Valley How To Build Silo

Silos are unquestionably very useful in Stardew Valley and here are some tips to ensure you maximize the benefits derived from this storage object.

The earlier you build one, the better: Don’t wait until you need a Stardew Valley silo before you start to build one. It’s neither difficult nor expensive to build, and you will be glad you stored enough hay when the need for it comes. You will need to clear grass when creating your farms. Rather than cutting the grass with your sword, use a scythe, build or buy a silo and make some hay while the sun shines.

Avoid buying hay: Instead of buying pieces of hay for 50g each, buy grass starters (100g per piece) instead. Yes, grass starters cost more, but they are more profitable in the long run because once planted, a grass starter grows and spreads to nearby tiles. Also, each grass unit has a 50% chance of getting you hay.

Don’t settle for just one: It’s difficult to predict the future in Stardew Valley so make sure you have enough hay stacked away. Build multiple silos since they are quite cheap. If you own or plan to have more animals, you will invariably need to build or buy more silos.

Evaluate your needs: Each silo can hold enough hay (240 pieces) to feed eight animals for an entire season. Hence, players will need to buy extra hay or simply build more silos to fend for their animals if they’ve got more than eight. Stardew Valley silos cost just as much as two haystacks, so it’s wiser to build more.

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