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The Big Fishing Questions Megathread – Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Bream

Add your tips / tricks / fishing location info here. I’m sure there’s lots of people looking around for info. I’ll try and compile the more relevant stuff.

Note: The wiki is NOT 100% accurate, I can totally confirm that. I’ve gotten ‘day’ fish in the middle of the night many a time.

If we start getting a lot of good info, I’ll start organizing it into a kind of guide.

Why You Should Learn To Fish – Fishing is actually quite lucrative in the early game. If you spend a whole day fishing after watering your crops, even without bait you can haul in 500-1000g with just the basic rod. You can then use this money to flat out buy things you need/want, or use it to expand the farm. 500g a day will get you enough iron to make a sprinkler a day if you’ve already got some copper lying around!

How To Fish Tips #1: Don’t just spam click at different speeds if you’re using a mouse. How long the button is held matters more than click speed.

How To Fish Tips #2: If you have a controller, use that. It seems a lot more speed sensitive. I (the OP) personally use a controller to fish and keyboard rest of the time.

Fishing Locations: Best I can tell the game is divided into different locations. Just because the game says ‘River’ doesn’t mean all rivers are the same; I fished several days in town’s river section, and never saw Shad or Pike, and got a lot of trash, but never saw trash or sunfish when fishing the south river plus got shad and pike often. And the wiki seems incorrect as well, as I’ve never seen Pike in lakes, while I have always gotten in in multiple river locales. Until I get new info, that’s my assumption.

Note: Fish available will be added as new info comes in. I’m playing too, so I havent experienced all seasons/combos yet! 😛 Not all fish are available at all times – time and season matters. I’ll compile some info on seasons later, if I can, and note (Sp, Su, Fa, Wi) for ones I’ve caught myself (not locked to that season, just times I’ve confirmed)

  • The ‘South River’ running south of the ranch, which has Shad (Su), Chub (Su), Pike (Su), Bream (Su), Rainbow Trout (Su, Midday).
  • The ‘Town River’ running through town, which has Sunfish, Largemouth (Su), Smallmouth, and Bream (Su), Angler (Fa?).
  • The ‘Ocean’ by the fisherman’s hut, which has Herring, Halibut, Red Mullet (Su), Tuna (Su), Sea Cucumber, Super Cucumber, Red Snapper (Su), Tilapia (Su, 1 pm).
  • The ‘North River’ outside town northwards, which has Pike (Su), Trash, Shad (Su)
  • The ‘Mine Lake’ in the Northeast, which has Carp (Su), Largemouth (Su), Chub (Su), Bullhead (Su)

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