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Stardew Valley Tips

Stardew Valley Tips

Below is a Stardew valley beginner guide which every player would find handy while playing the game. While you might want to/prefer figuring things out for yourself, These tips would certainly give you some time off of trouble by answering frequently asked questions e.g. How to go about saving the game.

List of Tips

Stardew Valley List of Tips

Below is Stardew valley walkthrough which will make you easily play the game successfully.

The only way to save is to sleep: Every new day starts with a save. Therefore in the likely event, you have to leave the game without losing your progress, head to bed your farmer has completed his work.

Before stepping out, make sure to watch Tv every day: This is a very salient Stardew valley Strategy. Doing this consumes less of your farmer’s energy. Also seeing that television also features weather reports for the next day, you can easily plan ahead to know if it going to be a free day if it rains or a work day if it doesn’t.

Two other helpful featured channels are the Survival and the Cooking.

While the Survival channel gives useful tips on a good place you can go foraging, the cooking channel is equally important as the Queen of sauce educates you on recipes. Lastly, there is a daily fortune teller who reveals the hidden bonus for each day. When you have a high luck, it indicates a good time to go fishing or go to the mines. When it is low you might not find rare-items.

Stardew Valley Sleeping

Do not stay up too late, it would cost you in 2 ways: This is another important tip for starters valley. Firstly, by staying up too late it would have a great impact on the next day energy level, by staying to say 1:50 AM, you can go to about half a bar, anything later than 2:00 AM would lead to a collapse only to be rescued by one of the Pelican Town Residents.

Of course, they’ll take a fee for helping which is a large chunk of money you had at hand. While doing dangerous things deep In the mines (that might lead to collapse) I try to be fairly broke.

Dying in the mines: Even greater losses awaits you than the previous loss due to collapse, some of your items will be lost though you will surely regain some of your lost items, I am a little grey on the types of items you can lose however some people have reported losing weapons they have found, this is not good, it is the reason the game won’t allow you sell wooden sword.

Stardew Valley Hoes

Carry your Hoe always: Certain little worms in the ground that rarely pops up. On siting them, hit that spot with the how, by doing that, you might get something useful, you might as well get items that can be donated to the museum (artifact sort of).

NOTE that some items can only be found by doing this. Worms are prominent during the rainy season. Another reason it is useful to carry hoes in mines is that it affords one the opportunity to get cool items from dirt patches.

Activate tool hit locations from the options menu: To bring up the options menu in the game, simply hit the Esc button, hitting a square means a reduction in energy, so it is wiser to waste energy by hitting the wrong square. Though not easy, it would come in easy when you are new to the game. As you get conversant with hit locations, you might want to take it off.

From the Esc menu, it is also possible to control your character and his/her equipment. In addition, you can craft from one of the tabs.

Stardew Valley Backpack

Every item goes to your backpack: This affords you the chance to walk around to find a suitable place to place them. You move the items using the hoe. It may be required that treasure chests be emptied for this

You should start with fast crops for rapid investment return and farming XP: To start producing crops faster, and getting early returns on investments, it is advisable to grow fast crops at first. Even though slower crops tend to bring forth more produce and hence more returns, a just starting out farmer would certainly fund to even buy more seeds.

Crafting fertilizer from sap: By doing these, your income potential is boosted by producing more silver and gold star plant, seeing that level 1 farming alone is sufficient for these, it is easier to do it. You find sap when you cut down mature trees. By going to crafting menu (pressing Esc key) having sap in your inventory, you simply just have to right click to make them.

With 2 sap each, you can easily come up with plenty of fertilizer.

Place the fertilizer after the ground might have been tilled but certainly before you place the seeds. You can use fertilizer for all types of vegetables but is best when used on a plant that produces multiple times in a season, this is simply because fertilizer lasts all through the season. It can also be used on more than one round of seeds.

Stardew Valley Sell produced fruits and vegetable

Sell produced fruits and vegetable at Pierre’s for 2000G: To avoid waiting on the bin for money to buy seeds after a harvest. It will let you plant faster. Though you may later want to sell via the bin. However, this is a nice tip for Stardew Valley.

There is a backpack on the counter at Pierre’s for 2000G – To purchase this backpack, you simply click it. This doubles the space on your catalog. After that, you can also find a larger 36-slot backpack for 10000G. donate to the museum.

You can sell items by placing them in the bin by the house: By doing this, someone will buy them overnight which will result in money the next morning. Now that’s the normal way of selling when you are not in fast need of funds. While Pierre’s and the blacksmith will only buy certain types of items the bin buys all types of items.

Stardew Valley Don’t sell wood, fiber, or stone

Don’t sell wood, fiber, or stone: Stardew’s fiber, wood or stone are used heavily for house upgrades and farm buildings.

Try to build the bridge at the beach early: Another important Stardew tip is to make sure to build the bridge at the beach early enough, for 300 wood, it is possible to instantly repair it thereby gaining access to a good foraging spot to visit regularly. You can find things every day but especially when there is a storm!

Craft 2 or 3 treasure chests: – To prepare for the second season especially the period you start in the mines. Categorize them by tools/materials, produce and miscellaneous.

Craft a Scarecrow, and later a lightning rod: Well you know what Scarecrows normally does, it’s no different in Stardew Valley, What Scarecrow does is to protect your produce from crows in an 8-tile range, while lightning rods are used to shield the crops from strikes. You can also use lightning rods to make batteries.

Stardew Valley Harvest

Save one of everything you grow or harvest – It is an important Stardew Valley tip to sell all of your produce leaving one. Though you might want to save some for the mines. You can assemble collections and your reward will come from completing them. You might find some items are therefore not worth selling.

Save broken CDs, newspapers driftwood and trash – By searching trash cans you can get these items. When you do, stack them in a treasure chest. The treasure chest is of low value and can be used in the recycling machine to get things like refined quartz and coal.

Stardew Valley Traveling Cart

Be aware of traveling Cart – On Friday and Saturdays South of the Farm, a traveler appears at the forest. To get to the forest, go to the town, if you haven’t cleared the path to the farm’s southern exit, go downward and westward.

There she sells very rare seeds; you might be lucky to buy ancient seed. The traveling cart sells some super expensive products. You might want to exploit this opportunity in the mid and late game.


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