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DomiNations Android
  • Name: DomiNations
  • Category: Strategy, Online, RPG
  • Developer: NEXON M Inc.
  • Current Version: 7.710.712
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

DomiNations – real-time strategy. One of the pleasant and significant distinctive features of the game is its minimal linearity in development. You have to go through the stages of evolution and technological progress. How you will reach it – it’s entirely your business. The second feature is a huge selection of civilizations start developing during which everyone can choose what they like best. You have to start managing a small settlement and develop it into a really significant country that is dangerous for many detractors.

Build your city as you want, the developments are not limited to players. Therefore, each state will be unique in its own way, which is complemented by the presence of a dozen different factions.

Do not forget about the development and research that should be conducted in order to not remain in the stone age while everyone around is already shooting guns. There is a thoughtful and convenient system of development and study, which does not prevent the player to lead the development in their own direction.

It is worth remembering the creation of alliances. If you want to manage a really strong Empire, then you should take care of finding allies to create alliances. Remember, if you choose to play alone, others can form alliances, making you more vulnerable to them.

Download DomiNations for Android

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Download DomiNations from Google Play

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