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Farm Frenzy Free: Time management game

Farm Frenzy Free: Time management game Android
  • Name: Farm Frenzy Free: Time management game
  • Category: Simulation, Farm, Economic, Strategies
  • Developer: HeroCraft Ltd.
  • Current Version: 1.2.71
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3+
  • Updated: 04.06.2019

Game description

Farm Frenzy Free: A time management game – farming simulator for mobile devices based on Android. Here you can learn what different animals like to eat on the farm, how to take care of them, how to grow vegetables and fruits, and so on. You will make oil, sell the collected products, improve production efficiency, update the technical equipment of the farm and increase sales.

The game has 48 levels, and each of them has unique tasks. By passing them, you can get a prize or increase your rank. Playing in the agriculture simulator, you will be able to breed several species of animals, harvest and produce up to 10 different types of products, as well as build a variety of facilities for the farm.

Also in the game, you can get additional special bonuses that will help you to increase the efficiency of all processes on the farm. You can play as much as you want as there is no time limit.

The game is designed for fans of gardens, suburban areas and for beginners who do not know anything about it.

Download Farm Frenzy Free: Time management game for Android

Download Farm Frenzy Free MOD (Unlimited Stars) v.1.2.71

Download Farm Frenzy Free MOD (Unlimited Stars) v.1.2.66

Download Farm Frenzy Free MOD (Unlimited Stars) v.1.2.56

Download Farm Frenzy Free from Google Play

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