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Stickman Trials

Stickman Trials Android
  • Name: Stickman Trials
  • Category: Racing, Arcade, Stickman
  • Developer: Creative Mobile Publishing
  • Current Version: 2.2.2
  • Requires Android: 4.0+
  • Updated: 05.06.2019

Game description

Stickman Trials – control high-speed transport on the most extreme mountains of the earth. Perform various tricks, compete and watch the standings.

In this game, you will feel like a real racer of two-wheeled transport. Even if you’ve never ridden a mountain bike or heard of choppers, in this game you have the opportunity to study the properties of each element of extreme racing. The game begins with the fact that you are invited to choose the type of bike.

After choosing a bike, you go out on the track. The tracks are of different complexity levels, with a lot of obstacles. Overcoming obstacles, you get experience points and cash rewards. In addition, it is possible to increase your rating with the help of tricks – flips, backflip, rides on one wheel and others. Earning enough money, you can change the bike or modify the existing one. In addition to virtual money, you can use real money to open a new level or a new transport vehicle.

The developers have created a clear three-dimensional graphics and made it in 2.5D format, so all the flat objects in the game look three-dimensional and interesting. I would also like to note the cool animation that literally brings our character to life. Watch as he pedals or falls from the bike – very funny. Do not forget about physics, for which I want to thank the developers, because it turned out close to reality.

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