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Hop is another game for Android devices, released by Ketchapp Studio. This toy gives you the opportunity to “kill” time, consolidated.

An overview of the plot

Hop Android

The player will have to take control of the ball, which is constantly jumping on the platforms. The user will be able to adjust the flight path. To do this, the developers have provided a special scale that sets the direction of the jump sphere. By holding the player’s finger in a designated area on the screen, you can send the ball in the right direction.

As for the mechanics, it leaves much to be desired (in comparison with other games of the Studio). For this reason, the player will often have to contemplate how the fallen sphere disappears into the abyss. Deprived and dynamic gameplay – the gameplay to some may seem not interesting enough. The motivation for the further game is the opened “skins” of the sphere. To make them available, you need to earn crystals that are located on certain platforms.

Features graphics, sound

Hop Mobile Game

The graphic component also has questions – it is far from perfect. Design images have a pretty uncluttered style. Objects in a small number are not perfect. There is no background music – in projects related to this genre, this is a significant disadvantage. However, the authors provide sound effects. Some devices may have a font-related issue. In such cases, instead of text, you can contemplate the gray cubes.


Hop Android Game

Hop is a rather unsuccessful arcade game. Usually, Ketchapp pleases fans with high-quality, exciting content that demonstrates a pleasant design. In the case of Hop, this cannot be said – this version of the game gets a low score corresponding to only 3.0 points.

Download Hop on Google Play

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