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King Of Hunters

King Of Hunters

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I hope you all remember the famous Battle Royale, so now came a new game with familiar elements of the genre of games already moba – King of Hunters (KOH).

Here, each player will feel like a hunter for adventure and thrills. You are welcomed by the Middle Ages: dragons, griffins, swords, bows, maces instead of the usual many player’s planes, parachutes and firearms. Battles will take place in the countryside, that is, in small villages, so you can crush more enemies and not wander at the same time on the big map.

During the battle, do not forget to pick up various useful items and put yourself in inventory, do not throw out the right at once, so as not to clog it with extra stuff because there will be very few places to store items. What you choose a weapon to fight is the class of the character.

Next, the plot is standard for games of this plan, run out of the gray area, and then you attack the crowd of enemies, cut and shred them, collect useful things and items, get rewards for the successful completion of levels.

You will not stand in one place because the situation in the battle will make each player run, jump, ride horses escaping from certain death, watch out for the enemy that can fall even from the roof – this is the dynamics of the battles.

King of Hunters in everything will like the future and existing players, except “character customization”. Choosing a hairstyle, appearance and some other little things will not be successful, although perhaps in future updates, something of this will be added.

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