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Fallout 4: Automatron – Complete Achievement Guide

A complete guide to all 5 Automatron DLC achievements. I have provided explanations and useful information for all achievements.

Guide overview

This guide will detail useful information on how to obtain all 5 Fallout 4: Automatron achievements.

Down the right side, you can find various achievement names and can easily find the achievement you’re looking for. Any spoilers will be in spoiler text. The guide will be structured into Story (Unmissable) and then the other achievements separate below that.

Hope this guide is helpful! Good luck.

Story (Unmissable)

  • Mechanical Menace:

“Complete “Mechanical Menace”

  • Headhunting:

“Complete “Headhunting”

  • Restoring Order:

“Complete “Restoring Order”

Robot Hunter

  • Robot Hunter:

“Unlock 10 Robot Mods”

In this DLC robot mods can be found on the body of any dead robot. They are a common drop and plenty of them so as playing the DLC pick up robot mods from the dead robots search inventory until you have 10 different robot mods.

Note: All robot modifications are rewarded to the player after the DLC but I don’t know whether this will grant the achievement.

The Most Toys

  • The Most Toys:

“Build 10 Robot Mods”

After acquiring some of the robot mods you can start crafting robots and giving them new modifications. This can use a lot of resources. However, an easier method is to give various robots different paint colours as these will also count as giving them modifications and can cost a lot less than some of the other modifications you can collect.

Like “Robot Hunter” this achievement isn’t too taxing either.

Thank you & acknowledgments

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Thank you for taking your time to look at my guide and I hope it was useful. Feel free to comment and rate up if it was helpful and if you have any questions.

Good luck with those achievements!

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