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A short guide: how to get some of the best melee weapons in just one location

Fallout 4 Melee Weapons

“West Everett Estates” is a paradise for melee weapon hunters. It contains both the super sledge and the ripper, two of the best melee weapons that are usually hard to find (I personally didn’t find a ripper until level 52 of my first playthrough!). The only problem is that the area is filled with high-level super mutants, meaning you have to be careful about how you can realistically obtain the weapons from a really early level. Be sure to bring 5-6 sources of healing along with 9-10 frag grenades, both of which I had at level 4 in this guide, if you want things to go smoother.

Here is a picture of where the location is traveling from sanctuary. (Img 1)

Img 1:

Here is the location of the Ripper: (Img 2) This picture is facing the southern entrance assuming you jump on the car the green arrow is pointing at. The red circle is the shed the ripper is inside. There is also an entrance to a basement there.

Img 2:

When you first climb over the car you will notice 3 fenced in mutant hounds that will alert the complex to your position (a super mutant lets them out as soon as you are discovered). You need to run into the shed, grab the ripper, and head into the basement. There is a possibility that a super mutant with a board follows you, but even though he is a higher level, he is easy to take down as long as you block his swings.

Next, hit stealth and wait until you are “hidden” again, sleep on the bed in the basement to recover health, and step outside again (there is also a baseball bat in the basement if you are so inclined).

Literally right outside of the shed is a house containing the super mutant leader, Hammer. (Img 3) You need to be quick to close the distance before you are discovered so that he does not open up on you with his missile launcher from afar. After you defeat him, you can loot his body for the super sledge.

Img 3:

While getting both of these at a low level can be a challenge both weapons will carry you through the rest of the game. Also, although I don’t recommend fighting the entire area going for it, there is a machete in the half-built house in the northern entrance if you are so inclined.

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