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Best Way To Get Steel

Fallout 4 Steel

I’m trying to build but have next to no steel.

Best Way and Tips

For every base I immediately scrap everything on the lot that’s expendable, then make weapon and armor crafting stations. I then power through a few dungeons nearby and bring back all the weapons, armor and junk I can get my hands on and scrap the heck out of them to build walls and fortifications. Bet the advanced scavenging feats to find those useful gears, screws, springs, etc from the gear you scrap. The more modded the gear, the more useful stuff it has. So don’t break your back grabbing 50 raider leathers for 1 leather each when you can cherry pick those muffled, shadowed, leaded, amplified items for useful parts.

For crops I LOVE tatos since you can fit so many of them in a small lot. Next, I add corn and mutfruit so I can periodically harvest them to cook up some vegetable starch to mod my weapons. You can also work on making oil for defense turrets by making cutting oil from a chem lab. Every trip you make to supply a base, harvest all your crops and either plant the seeds or store them in the main workshop bench. That way you can build up your supply of cutting fuel, vegetable starch, noodles or vegetable soup. Water purifiers are also good to make in abundance so you have ridiculous amounts of pure water to sell.

Don’t go overboard on food at first though. Always make your defenses much higher than your food/water. Give the settlers the bare minimum before they can adequately defend it. I like giving them a good city wall and junk fence with guard towers and defense turrets heavy at the point of entry. Force the raiders to attack at that spot and blast them apart. Don’t scrap the powerful weapons that give little items, institute rifles per example. Those I save for my settlers with a wee bit of ammo (acts as unlimited) and have every farmer, merchant and guard armed with pew pew power.

In building a settlement, also try to make a general store and man it with a spare settler ASAP. They are loads useful when you are just a few components short of building that next bed, turret or crafting station.

My build focus timeline is typically…

Weapon Bench -> Armor Bench -> 1st Few Turrets -> General Store -> Basic Crops/Water -> Walls -> MORE Turrets -> Housing/Beds -> Generators -> Recruitment Radio -> Massive Agricultural Boom with tons of water and crops -> Shops Shops Shops -> Nice big luxury chill pad with TVs, pool tables, radios, magazine racks, etc.

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