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You’re most likely using the Jetpack power armor mod wrong

Fallout 4 Jetpack

So I have no idea if this is obvious or well known but I have yet to see this posted here in this subreddit:

The power armor jetpack is not intended to be used by holding down the jump button. It performs optimally by repeatedly pressing the button in short spurts. You use less action points and can fly about twice the height using this method.

You may have seen this video (below) for obtaining the Freefall armor at the top of the Mass Fusion Building and wondered why the hell Bethesda would make it so hard and seemingly glitchy to obtain. Well… you don’t need to shove yourself into the corner, you should be able to just fly all the way up to the interns room.

Every time you hit the jump button with the jetpack, you get an upward impulse and use minimal action points. You can fly VERY far horizontally or considerably higher by doing spurts of jetpack compared to holding the button down.

I tested it against a vertical column of concrete floor foundations. Holding the button down will let you fly almost exactly 3 stories upwards, while doing spurts gets you well above 6 or 7 stories high.

And that’s about it – happy flying!

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