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How to trigger Blind Betrayal and NOT side with BOS?

Fallout 4 Blind Betrayal

I usually follow the Triple S League’s “best good ending” by doing my quests in a specific order and siding with the Minutemen (to keep peace between MM, RR, and BOS).

  1. complete all main and side quests for BoS
  2. complete Reunions and Dangerous Minds, then use the Minutemen to access the Institute;
  3. complete BoS quests from Shadow of Steel up to (but not including) Show No Mercy;
  4. complete Form Ranks & Defend the Castle for the Minutemen- start, but do not complete, Nuclear Option;
  5. complete all RR quests from Tradecraft to Randolph Safehouse 6;
  6. complete Nuclear Option with the Minutemen.

Thing is, I always have to trigger Blind Betrayal via console commands if I want Danse’s perk, as I can’t max affinity with him otherwise (as the guide I use says that you can’t progress past Show No Mercy in the BoS quest line if you want to keep the other factions alive).

I’ve searched everywhere for info on this, and what little I’ve managed to find is just so confusing. People have said that you can ask Sturges for the tape back after completing Inside Job, though I tried that and didn’t have that option.

Any suggestions? If you were able to earn the perk without siding with BoS, how did you do it?


You can do all the BoS quests up to and including Blind Betrayal without hitting a point of no return. After Blind Betrayal ends, Tactical Thinking will start, but if you don’t talk to Kells it won’t trigger hostility with the RR. The only thing you need to be careful of is that you do not meet father on the roof of CIT during The Battle of Bunker Hill before you complete Blind Betrayal.

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