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Question about how CBBE works with NPCs

Fallout 4 CBBE

So I’m about to install cbbe into my game, it will be the first time I’ve installed the body altering mods in any game.

My question is if it is safe to install mid playthrough, and how that will work with my NPCs?

I have a couple clothing mods that add to the leveled lists, but they are for vanilla body style. will I end up with lots of naked women? I’ve already met multiple NPCs with the modded clothing on. I play as a male, so the modded clothes aren’t a problem for my character, but I’m adding CBBE for my NPCs, and I assume the body mod won’t affect any males.

Also, I’m not super picky about the body type, so am I correct in assuming that I can pick a body style when installing CBBE, and not have to install anything else?

Thanks for any help in advance


CBBE is a mesh and texture replacement for female bodies only. The pack contains all that’s needed to change the appearance of women in the game, naked and non-naked. It doesn’t include content only for naked women, it also contains mesh adjustments for clothes used by females in the game, to show a more feminine body figure when they’re clothed. Since it’s just a cosmetic files replacement, it’s safe to use anytime in your game. The same happens for all mesh and/or textures replacements overall.

By default, the pack includes 3 main options depending of what you want how women will look: skinny/thin/petite, vanilla-shape, and very voluptuous. And all of them include the sub-option to be fully naked, or non-naked using underwear. If the mod is used with BodySlide, you can change most parts of the bodies to a custom-degree.

By default, once CBBE is installed, it will affect all women, young and old (not children), to have the same body shape. If you’re using / will use a female player character at some point, she will also be affected by the same shape, unless you’re using a mod like “Unique Player” that will let you change only your character, or will let you use a different shape than the female NPCs.

CBBE is installed as “Loose Files”-type mod, so if you want to uninstall it, you’ll have to delete all those loose files that are (should be) extracted in the Data folder of the game. So, before installing it, read carefully the description page on Nexus to fully understand the installation process. After that, is easy to install, even manually instead of using a mod manager.

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