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Fallout 4 Crashing on startup

Fallout 4 Crash on Startup

Every time I try to start Fallout 4 up the game starts but immediately crashes. Trying to load fallout 4 in F4SE or just the regular default launcher results in the same crash. I’ve uninstalled all the mods I am currently running but to no success. The best I could get was to uninstall and reinstall the game. The game worked at first with no incident however once I quit the game and tried to start it up again it continued to crash every time. I’m getting really sick and tired of this and I need help.


Fallout 4 Crash Fixes

  • Disable AV and try running it (Avast, and maybe Trend Micro seem to be the worst)
  • Run the game in administrator mode
  • Run the game in different compatibility modes
  • Let the game auto detect graphics
  • Set the game resolution the same as desktop resolution (Important, if different always crashes the game on my PC, might not on yours)
  • Verify cache
  • Update graphics drivers (Yes we have seen them 1 year out of date)
  • Try optimising in Nvidia experience (If you have Nvidia), It will also tell you your specs “My Rig”
  • Re-boot your PC
  • Run in windowed mode
  • Run in borderless window
  • Update Steam
  • Turn off Steam overlay
  • Turn on “Prefer max performance” in Nvidia control panel
  • Disable any mods (If you have them).
  • Delete local content and delete any remaining Fallout and Mod directories, re-install Fallout (No mods).
  • Delete fallout4custom.ini, falloutprefs.ini and fallout.ini (There may be more than one of each)
  • Close any background programs (music, Skype, the film on the second monitor etc).
  • Re-boot your PC
  • Restart Steam

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