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Fallout 4’s main quest makes no sense as a Raider

Fallout 4 Main Quest Raider

So I finally got around to doing a raider playthrough. As soon as I got out of the vault I ran straight to Nuka-World and became the Overboss. Now, if I ever get around to the main quest, I have a bit of a moral predicament. That being, none of the primary factions would accept a raider among them. The Brotherhood and Minutemen hate raiders, and the other two factions would probably not want to be associated with a raider. The way I see it I have three options:

  1. Go to the Minutemen and abandon the raiders. This is what I initially planned on doing but the more I play the less I want to lose all of my raider outposts. A redemption arc would make sense but it would result in this playthrough being just like every other Fallout 4 playthrough.
  2. Join the Institute and be a generic bad guy with confusing motives. The Institute and the Raiders only have one thing in common, being a general disregard for the good of the average wastelander. There is no reason for a raider to support the Institute and there is no reason for the sophisticated science dudes to follow a savage as their leader.
  3. Join the Railroad, and be a synth-loving raider. The railroad typically doesn’t care about anything but synths, but still typically leans towards the chaotic good side of things.

In conclusion, I should be able to send my raiders to attack the Institute. Despite having more choice than most BGS games, the main quest of Fallout 4 still railroads (pun intended) you into being a somewhat good person. The two “evil” factions, the Brotherhood and the Institute, aren’t evil enough.

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