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Is there a list somewhere of all the ‘essential’ mods?

Fallout 4 Best Mods

Asking because the mods haven’t done it in the wiki because the game isn’t ‘complete’ yet.

Stuff like Armorsmith, keywords, LooksMenu, etc.

Reinstalled the game and am trying to make sure I haven’t missed anything that is considered almost a requirement.

I currently have:

  • Unofficial patch
  • Armorsmith
  • LooksMenu
  • DEF_UI
  • Valadicils item sorting
  • Unlimited companion framework
  • Homemaker
  • SIM Settlements + Industrial Rev
  • A few random minor tweaks such as extended powerlines and place anywhere.

Thanks for any help

Best Mods

Fallout 4 The Nuka World Raiders

What’s “Essential” is up to you. Here’s what I really wouldn’t play without.


  • Keep Commonwealth Radiant quests within the Commonwealth
  • Start Me Up – Alternate Start and Dialogue Overhaul
  • Dead Body Collision
  • Realistic Death Physics – No Animations
  • Realistic Ragdoll Force
  • Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance
  • NPC Level Scaling
  • Pre War Safes
  • Reasonable Workbench Perks
  • Automatron DLC Legendary Drops (plus Legendary Clothing Loot)
  • Scrapper Highlights Only When Weapon is Drawn
  • Visual Reload
  • Shell Rain
  • More Durable Power Armor
  • Settler Sandbox Expansion
  • Better Companions – All In One
  • No more cash register sound when XP gain

Quality of life

  • Salvage Beacons
  • Companions Can Sneak
  • Power Armor Storage System
  • Quests Tags – Factions and radiants and more


  • Easy Hacking
  • Easy Lockpicking


  • Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI
  • Immersive HUD – iHUD
  • Full Dialogue Interface
  • Clean Power Armor HUD
  • Companion Status HUD
  • Nameplates – Floating Healthbars
  • HoloTime – HUD Clock Widget
  • LooksMenu
  • Satellite World Map – Monochrome
  • Grab and Eat All-in-One
  • QuickTrade

World Expansion

  • Tales from the Commonwealth – This is kinda like “interesting NPCs” from Skyrim.
  • Atomic Radio is very nice too.

General World Improvement

  • Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project Revised
  • Langleys HD Textures Workshop
  • High Resolution Texture Pack – Valius
  • FlaconOil’s HD ReTexture Project
  • HD Retexture Pack – Miscellaneous Props


  • Conquest – Build New Settlements and Camping
  • Icebreaker – Settlements – Settler Dialogue Overhaul
  • Snappable Junk Fences
  • Immersive Vendors
  • NorthlandDiggers Resources – Animals – Landscape – Garden and more…
  • Functional Displays – Display Your Collection (The Original Display DLC)
  • Working Food Planters
  • Settlement Supplies Expanded
  • Thematic and Practical – Workshop Settlements – Structures and Furnitures
  • Do It Yourshelf – clutter for shelves and bookcases
  • Dino’s Decorations – clutter arrangements for your settlements
  • Settlement Attacks Beyond

Enemies, factions, and NPCs

  • Super Mutant Redux v1.1
  • D.E.C.A.Y – Better Ghouls
  • Raider Overhaul WIP
  • We Are The Minutemen
  • Better Settlers


  • Extended weapon mods
  • Weaponsmith Extended – If you’re not going to handpick weapon, might as well grab them all with this mod
  • Blink Grenades (Teleportation)

Power Armor

  • Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMAP)
  • Enclave X-02 Power Armor
  • Hellfire X-03 Power Armor
  • T-49 – Armor of the Storyteller
  • Submersible Power Armor Redux – BioShock Inspired


  • Vertical Spawns – Aerial Assault –Vertical and Highway Spawns–
  • Take Cover
  • Search and Destroy – Extended Combat Range and Stealth Searches
  • War Of The Commonwealth – Spawns (Includes Far Harbor Spawns) -UPDATED-
  • Critical Hits Outside of VATS
  • Bullet Time – Slow Time

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