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Fallout 4: Far Harbor – Complete Achievement Guide

Fallout 4 Far Harbor

A complete guide to all 10 Far Harbor DLC achievements. I have provided explanations and useful information for all achievements.

Guide overview

This guide will detail useful information on how to obtain all 10 Fallout 4: Far Harbor achievements.

Down the right side, you can find various achievement names and can easily find the achievement you’re looking for. Any spoilers will be in spoiler text. The guide will be structured into Unmissable story and then the other achievements separate below that.

Hope this guide is helpful! Good luck.

Unmissable Story Achievements

  • Far From Home:

“Complete the quest “Far From Home”

Awarded after arriving at Far Harbor. Quest automatically started after installing the DLC.

  • Where You Belong:

“Complete the quest “Where You Belong”

Just continue the early story to unlock this achievement.

  • Close to Home:

“Complete the quest “Close to Home”

One of the final missions in the story and will be rewarded upon completing.

The Way Life Should Be

  • The Way Life Should Be:

“Complete the quest “The Way Life Should Be”

This quest can be started after decoding all 5 of DiMA’s memories. After that follow the objective to the Vim! Pop Factory. Then just complete the quest “The Way Life Should Be” that will start upon entering the factory.

Note: Some people claim on other forums and threads that Completing all of “Cleansing the Land” before this quest, CAN fail this quest and lock this achievement upon that playthrough. So make saves.

Any solution will give the achievement.

Cleansing the Land

  • Cleansing the Land:

“Complete the quest “Cleansing the Land”

This quest will be triggered upon entering the Grand Harbor Hotel OR traveling to far off island west of the mainland for their respective side objectives during the “Best Left Forgotten” quest.

Follow the objectives to finish this quest however you want.

When doing the launch code:

Note: In order to get this achievement, you must choose to destroy the Nucleus without speaking to High Confessor. If you decide to inform High Confessor about the launch key and then hand over the key, the quest will fail and you will miss the achievement. However, people have claimed to have done it this way and got the achievement. I have not tested this however.


When doing the kill switch:

Note: Taking this path during the quest will ensure the destruction of Far Harbor.

I personally just got the launch code and destroyed the Nucleus with it.

Push Back the Fog

  • Push Back the Fog:

“Unlock 3 Far Harbor Workshop Locations”

There are a total of four workshop locations in the Far Harbor DLC.

These are:

  • Longfellow’s Cabin
  • Dalton’s Farm
  • National Park Visitor’s Center
  • Echo Lumber Lake

They can all be unlocked upon completing quests. Longfellow’s Cabin will unlock as part of the main story upon finishing the quest “Walk in the Park”.

Dalton’s Farm can be unlocked by finding Cassie on the pier in Far Harbor. Speak with her and complete her “Blood Tide” quest to gain access to this location.

The National Park Visitor’s Center can be unlocked after completing “Rite of Passage” from Terry, which is triggered after helping Cassie (or Avery or the Mariner). Speak with Mitch inside The Last Plank. Completing his quest, “The Hold Out,” will unlock this settlement.

Finally, Echo Lumber Lake can be unlocked by firstly completing “Rite of Passage” from Terry, which is triggered after helping Cassie (or Avery or the Mariner). You can then gain access to “Turn Back the Fog” from Small Bertha. During this quest, you must refuse Malcolm’s request to keep the land yourself in order to gain access to the settlement.

Note: This achievement can be missed later on so I recommend getting it earlier on.

New England Vacationer

  • New England Vacationer:

“Discover 20 Far Harbor Locations”

Just explore Far Harbor. Finding 20 locations isn’t hard and doesn’t take long either.

Happy hunting!


  • Hooked:

“Defeat 30 Far Harbor sea creatures”

This achievement is very similar to the “M♥♥♥♥♥♥♥” and “Animal Control” achievements from the base game.

The following count:

  • Anglers
  • Gulpers
  • Fog Crawlers
  • Hermit Crabs

Note that it is only sea creatures that count towards the achievement so wolfs etc will not count. Also, Mirelurks and their variations will not count as they have to be new creatures added by the DLC.

The best way of finding these creatures is fresh water sources like lakes or along the coasts of the Island.

Just Add Saltwater

  • Just Add Saltwater:

“Cook One of the New Far Harbor Recipes”

This achievement requires you to craft a new food recipe from the DLC, at a cooking station. The easiest being Poached Angler as it requires only one piece of raw Angler meat.

When you reach Far Harbor, the town will be attacked near immediately by Gulpers and Anglers, cutting your conversation with Avery and Allen short. Join them in killing the creatures and be sure to loot all of the Angler Meat. You can now cook Poached Angler (requires 1 Angler Meat) at any Cooking Station. The most easily accessible stations are in Far Harbor and another at Longfellow’s Cabin just northwest of the pier.

If you don’t do the above method just find and kill an Angler and cook its meat. They will generally drop between 1 and 3 meat per kill.

The Islander’s Almanac

  • The Islander’s Almanac:

“Collect all issues of “The Islander’s Almanac” magazine”

There are 5 issues of this magazine on the Island. All can be simply found and the achievement will pop.

Below are their locations:

  • Far Harbor – Inside The Last Plank, it can be found on the table next to Longfellow.
  • Acadia – Inside Acadia, it’s sitting on top of the counter on the floor underneath DiMA’s control center.
  • Brooke’s Head Lighthouse – At the very top of the lighthouse, it can be found on a small wooden table.
  • National Park Vistor’s Center – From the front entrance, it’s sitting on a counter in the room your the right.
  • Northwood Ridge Quarry – Inside the hideout near the beds/steamer trunk, it’s sitting on top of a small table.

Thank you & acknowledgments

Fallout 3 Far Harbor

Thank you for taking your time to look at my guide and I hope it was useful. Feel free to comment and rate up if it was helpful and if you have any questions.

Good luck with those achievements!

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