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Fallout 4 G.E.C.K. is out! (Garden of Eden Creation Kit)

Fallout 4 Geck

Yay! Proper mod support and complex mods are here.


  • Launcher (deleted username)

  • Near Abernathy farm, feral ghoul ambush

  • Diamond City, all objects o.O

  • Diamond City, visible only, Kyle actor properties

  • The Deliverer properties, Goodneigbour in the back

  • Pre-war Sanctuary, the purple volumes are the triggers for events, including the big kaboom

GECK homepage for Fallout 4: Link

To install you’ll have to get the Launcher and account, see link above.

At first glance it looks stable, had it running for over 3 hours without a crash, loaded all kinds of objects.

We now have layers!

Note: Expect existing mods to be broken for a while. There is a new mod system in patch 1.5.

Tutorial – Here

Original Link – Continuation of discussion

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