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Legendary Weapons (using CONSOLE) – CHEATS

Fallout 4 Legendary Weapons


Fallout 4 Legendary Weapon Effects

This is a tutorial on how you can add Legendary modifiers to a gun using console commands. This is my first guide so layout is very amateur-like.


Fallout 4 Cheats and Console Commands

1. Drop any weapon and then hold the item. Do not put it in your inventory. You do this by holding down the E button.

2. Now, open the console by pressing ~. In the console, you want to type in GetPlayerGrabbedRef while holding the item.*** This gives you the Reference ID of your weapon. The Reference ID will change when you add a modifier to your weapon.

3. Next, you want to type in [Reference ID].amod ModifierID

EXAMPLE:*** ff00bbb7.amod 1E73BD
“ff00bbb7” is my reference id for my weapon. Yours will be different.
“.amod” after you type in your reference id.
“1E73BD” is my legendary modifier which is “explosive”.

4. All modifiers:

WEAPON MODS (alphabetically)

All of these are legendary modifiers:

  • Automatic: A4739
  • Assassin: 1E6846
  • Bloodied: 1EC036
  • Beserker: 1EF5D7
  • Crippling: 1E6D6B
  • Cavalier: 1F57E2
  • Enraging: 1F6AD4
  • Explosive: 1E73BD
  • Exterminator: 1F81EB
  • Freezing: 1F5479
  • Furious: 1EF481
  • Ghoul Slayer: 1E6847
  • Instigating: 1F04B8
  • Incendiary: 1E7173
  • Irradiated: 1CC469
  • Junkie: 1EB99A
  • Kneecapper: 1F1048
  • Lucky Weapon: 1CC2A6
  • Medic: 1F109C
  • Mutant Slayer: 1E6848
  • Nimble: 1EBABD
  • Nocturnal: 1E8174
  • Never Ending: 1CC2AC
  • Penetrating: 1F4426
  • Plasma Infused: 1F9B4D
  • Powerful: 1CC2AB
  • Poisoner: 1F31B9
  • Quickdraw: 1F1026
  • Relentless: 1ED37E
  • Rapid: 1EC56D
  • Sentinel: 1F5995
  • Staggering: 1E81AB
  • Two Shot: 1CC2AD
  • Troubleshooter: 1F81EC
  • V.A.T.S Enhanced (Gun): 1CC2AA
  • V.A.T.S Enhanced (Melee): 2056F0
  • Violent: 1F7B8A
  • Wounding: 1E7C20

Effects of Modifiers

These effects are copied straight from the Fallout Wikia.

  • Automatic fire mode
  • Assassin’s +50% damage vs. humans
  • Berserker’s Increases damage as you decrease your DR
  • Bloodied Increases damage as you decrease your HP
  • Cavalier’s -15% damage while blocking or sprinting
  • Explosive Bullets explode on impact and inflict 15 AOE damage
  • Exterminator’s +50% damage vs. Mirelurks and bugs
  • Freezing +10 cryo damage and will freeze targets on critical hits
  • Furious Increases damage with each hit on same target
  • Ghoul Slayer’s +50% damage vs. Ghouls
  • Incendiary +15 fire damage
  • Irradiated +50 radiation damage
  • Junkie’s Increases damage as you increase the number of your withdrawal effects
  • Kneecapper +20% chance to cripple the target’s leg
  • Lucky Weapon 2x critical damage, +15% critical refill rate
  • Mutant Slayer’s +50% damage vs. Super Mutants
  • Heals targets instead of hurting them (game data says DO NOT USE)
  • Never Ending Unlimited ammo capacity (no reload)
  • Nocturnal Does increasing amounts of damage as the night grows longer and less damage during the day.
  • Nimble 75% faster movement while aiming
  • Penetrating Ignores 30% of the target’s damage and energy resistance
  • Plasma Infused +10 energy damage and can turn enemies into goo
  • Powerful +25% damage
  • Poisoner’s Target is poisoned for 10 seconds
  • Quickdraw Costs 25% fewer AP
  • Relentless Refills your AP on a critical hit
  • Rapid Provides 25% faster fire rate, 15% faster reload
  • Sentinel’s -15% damage while standing and not moving
  • Two Shot Shoots an additional projectile
  • V.A.T.S. Enhanced (Melee) 40% less AP cost
  • V.A.T.S. Enhanced (Gun) Improved VATS hit chance, 25% less AP cost
  • Violent +25% damage and limb damage, but has more recoil
  • Wounding +25 bleeding damage


Far Harbor

Fallout 4 Far Harbor

Atoms Judgement (SUPER SLEDGE ONLY) – 0303A387 – It adds +100 Radiation damage to the weapon along with 600 base radiation damage. (This legendary modifier is having issues, it may work, it may not!)

  • Resolute – 300DA96 – Time slows down when chambering the final round in a magazine.
  • Blazing – (300DA97) – Blocking has a 25% chance to set attackers on fire for 50 damage.
  • Dead Eye – (0300DA99) – Time slows down when aiming.
  • Defiant – (0300DA91) – The final shot in the magazine deals twice the normal damage.
  • Frigid – (0300DA93) – 20% chance to freeze the enemy when you block their attack.
  • Hitman’s – (0300DA98) – Does 10% more damage when looking down the sights.
  • Resiliant – (0300DA9A) – +150 damage resistance while reloading.
  • Steadfast – (0300DA95) – +50 damage resistance while aiming.

Other Notes

You can only have ONE modifier at a time for a weapon. Adding another modifier will replace the existing one on your weapon. You can use “rmod” instead of “amod” to get rid of a modifier.

  • amod = Attachmentmod
  • rmod = Removemod

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