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Should I still use LOOT for Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Loot

I’ve seen people say that you should sort your load order manually because people say that LOOT isn’t so helpful for Fallout 4?

I’ve used LOOT for a long time without any problems but I wanted to check.


LOOT is useful, but players who are substantially modding their game should get to know how the load order affects the game and how mods get along together.

My game is heavily modded. I use LOOT but always do some manual sorting thereafter. Sometimes to correct some of LOOT’s oversights and sometimes because the conventional wisdom on order does not work out correctly in my game.

The most conspicuous example in my game is where LOOT places Scrap Everything and Settlements Extended. LOOT usually places these about half-way down the order, but in my game neither work correctly unless they are occupying the last two slots.

So yes to LOOT, and yes also to learning a bit about load order in general and in your game in particular.


I have learnt through months of building and testing for a big mod install you have to know all your mods well.

My process:

  1. Install all the mods.
  2. Note which mods mention load order on the description page or in the posts. Note where in the load order they should be.
  3. Run loot.
  4. Now go through manually and check that the mods with load order recommendations are where they are supposed to be and adjust if needed.
  5. Test all the mods are working and if not go back and check/adjust till they are all working as they should.

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