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What Did You Name Your FO Characters?

I’m sure there have been posts like this on here before, but I’m honestly curious as to what names you guys have chosen for your protagonists. I know many people go for the funny/whimsical ones (in Fallout 4 especially – the list of names that Codsworth can say features some excellent examples, after all!), while others (myself included), lean on the more classic, “tame” side.

So, I’d really love to see some of your choices from each of the Fallout games that you have played. If you’ve done multiple playthroughs, maybe just pick one or two that you like best; or, I don’t know, write them all, the more the better – whatever you feel like. If you’d like to include a little description of the character or explain your choice of names in a few words, that would be even cooler!

I guess I’ll start:

Fallout 1, Tactics, BoS: haven’t played them, so none.

Fallout 2: Selmah

(has an interesting, kind of alien feel to it, I think)

Fallout 3: Lorraine Tallis

(retro vibe, a name befitting a doctor/scientist’s daughter)

Fallout: New Vegas: Maura Jean Drake

(wanted a first and middle name, and one that would fit the setting – to me, an European, it sounds American West-y enough)

Fallout 4: Vivian Parrish

(I strived to find the perfect name for the character, and this was it: neither frilly nor austere or tomboy-ish, while also feeling appropriate for the 50s-60s time period).

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