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Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC Guide: Where to Find Every Star Core

Fallout 4 Star Core

Finding Star Cores in Fallout 4‘s Nuka-World DLC is a difficult task. Check out this guide to find all 35 Star Cores.

Fallout 4 quests often have waypoints guiding the player step-by-step, but that isn’t the case with one major Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC quest. The quest ‘Star Control’ requires players to locate a minimum of 20 Star Cores to power down the guard bots roaming the park, but the game leaves it up to the player to track them down in the sprawling post-apocalyptic theme park. Hunting down 20 can be an arduous task, but the elusive 35 that yield a new power armor suit is even more difficult, so here’s a helpful guide to make it easier.

There are numerous Star Cores to be found in just about every area of Nuka-World, with the vast majority of them appearing in Nuka-World’s major dungeons. If the player hasn’t yet cleared the dungeons of enemies, they should make sure to suit up and be ready for a lot of fights. In some instances, a character can use stealth to collect the Star Cores without getting into a fight, but not all fights can be avoided.

Before delving into the individual dungeons, five Star Cores can be found in the main Nuka-World map:

  • In Nuka-Town USA at the Nuka-Town Market, look for a table on the north side of the map with a Star Core on top.
  • Also in Nuka-Town USA, go to the Nuka-Cade and head into the employee area for another core.
  • In the southwest corner of the map, northeast of the Nuka-World junkyard, there’s a barn with another core.
  • In Dry Rock Gulch, south of Doc Phosphate’s Saloon, there will be a core near a body.
  • In the World of Refreshment, enter the Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant, find the Nuka-Cola Quantum area, then turn right to locate a body. The core will be nearby the body.

Starlight Interstellar Theater:

  • Immediately after entering, head left and enter the men’s bathroom. Look inside a crack in the wall for a body with a Star Core.
  • Head back to the entrance and go right this time, go through the kitchen and the back door to find another core.
  • Go inside the theater itself, and look for the console across from the screen. Another core can be found there.
  • Head upstairs and enter the control room for the final Star Core in this dungeon.

Fallout 4 The Nuka World Raiders

Vault-Tec: Among the Stars:

  • Enter the elevator at the entrance and head downstairs to the Vault-Tec exhibit. Head away from the exhibit and find an area guarded by Protectrons. A locked door can be found in this hall; behind it is a Star Core.
  • Head back to the exhibit path and stay on it until you find the living room. Go to the locked door, unlock it, and retrieve your Star Core prize.
  • Return to the living room and pick one of the other two unlocked exits. Follow the corridor until you reach a radioactive room. If your character’s radiation resistance isn’t high enough, deploy some Rad-X or radiation protective gear, enter, and grab the Star Core.
  • Go back to the living room once more and enter the nursery. Lockpick the sliding door to enter the main office, defeat the Novatron, then head to the observation center for a whopping three Star Cores.


  • Before heading inside Nuka-Galaxy, look for a Star Core leading near the Arcjet G-Force ride entrance.
    Just outside the entrance, look for the small shed next to the ramp leading into Nuka-Galaxy for another Star Core.
  • Head to the boarding area of the ride, then look down the track. You’ll see a door on the right side that has a Star Core behind it.
  • Continue on through the next door and follow the behind-the-scenes view of the ride until you reach a room filled with planets. Cross the ledge, and follow the stairs down, then go through the room until you enter a corridor. A Star Core can be found near the console here.
  • Keep going through the corridor and use the elevator on the left-hand side. Exit the elevator, hang a left, and find the opening leading to the next room. Another Star Core can be found by the console here.
  • Now head right along the rocky set and find a hidden door. Go through it, then head upstairs, and step onto the tracks. Take a left to go up another flight of stairs and find a Star Core with yet another console.
  • Go to the very end of the ride to pick up a Star Core and a key.
  • Use the aforementioned key to open a side path heading back to the start of the ride, and you’ll find another set of stairs that leads to an office containing a Star Core.
  • Enter the control booth next to the office for the final Nuka-Galaxy Star Core.

RobCo Battlezone:

The RobCo Battlezone is one of the hardest locations to collect Star Cores from, as it requires the player to face off against bot enemies whether or not stealth is employed.

  • Immediately after the entrance, go to the seating area and turn left. Find the locked door along the wall, unlock it, and collect two Star Cores inside the room.
  • Enter the souvenir shop to find a Star Core conveniently located on some shelving.
  • Enter the tunnels beneath the arena. There will be a Star Core on the console, but be wary of the Sentry Bot guarding it.
  • Lastly, walk into the arena to collect the final two Star Cores in this dungeon. Be careful leaving, though, as the player character will be forced to face off against three waves of robots when they attempt to leave.

Starport Nuka:

Starport Nuka isn’t one of the Galactic Zone’s main dungeons, but it does contain five more Star Cores. However, the final Star Core listed can only be picked up after restoring power to the park, so it’s advisable to go after these last.

  • Walk towards Starport Nuka’s mainframe until you find a body. A Star Core is found near here.
  • Head into Starport Nuka and go upstairs to find a Star Core in a locked display case.
  • Go to the Starport Nuka base, pass the gate, and look for another body near the sheds there for another Star Core.
  • Pick up an extra Star Core as you head down the ramp from Starport Nuka. It’ll be at the end of the ramp on the right side.
  • The last Star Core is on the top floor of Starport Nuka, but this area is only accessible after completing the quest ‘Power Play’.

Finding every Star Core in Nuka-World can be an irritatingly difficult task, but it’s a necessity to pass the ‘Star Control’ quest. However, once it’s out of the way, exploring Nuka-World will be much easier and the player can enjoy a sweet new set of Quantum X-01 Mk.V power armor. Then players can carry on in their new power armor and let off some pent-up stress by raiding the settlements they themselves may have once created.

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