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Performance mods for Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Performance Mods

Here, are more mods that help!

1. Wasteland 512 RELOADED by darthanimal

Mod Description: Most of Vanilla textures were optimized and resized to 512px to increase performance. Some textures are resized in a range from 128px to 1024px. The packages also cover the DLC Automatron, Wasteland Workshop, and Far Harbor.

tbh, I didn’t even notice the drop in quality!

2. Insignificant Object Remover By AKcelsior

Mod Description: Removes insignificant objects to improve performance without visual degradation… Fallout style.

In this one too, I didn’t notice anything removed…

3. Ultra Quality God Rays Performance Fix By SloppyPooBag

Mod Description: This is just a batch file that changes the numeric values that the godrays use. Basically it just means you can use the ultra quality god rays without the huge performance hit. Performance should be roughly the same as using the low-quality god rays.

With this mod, I could enjoy a little bit of quality without too much of FPS sacrifice

4. BethINI by DoubleYou

Mod Description: Bethesda’s INI configuration files are a mess. BethINI optimizes the game for increased graphical fidelity and performance.

This one isn’t actually a mod, its a utility program that helps you optimize your game, and depending on how you use it, you will notice significant fps boosts!

5. Stuttering and Memory patch ENBoost by Boris Vorontsov

Mod Description: x64 optimized patch for heavily modified games, it much more efficiently utilize memory. Also it increase performance of the game.

Now this, Help aloooot with memory issues, awesome mod, by an awesome creator!

6. FAR – Faraway Area Reform by SparrowPrince

Mod Description: FAR optimizes and improves over 6000+ distant land textures, which means more perfomance and a more stutterfree experience.

You don’t really look at stuff from far away do you? no? then you’re in luck, here’s a mod that optimizes the things at the horizon.

7. Dynamic Performance Tuner and Load Accelerator By StochasticTinker

Mod Description: Dynamically adjusts Shadow Dir Distance and Godray Quality.

Basically changes the settings on the fly, so it hits the fps that you want.

8. Boston FPS Fix – aka BostonDT PreVis-PreCombine By BetaVirus

Mod Description: This mod improves performance (FPS) in Boston and surrounding area. It includes other areas upon request. External areas only. The glory if this mod is beneficial to anyone that roams the boston area but also anyone that has mods that disable previs in the area or break precombines.

I don’t really have any problems in the boston area, since I don’t go around there much, but a wonderful mod to have if you want dat extra fps boost

9. Load Accelerator By hippo

Mod Description: Automatically disable VSYNC at loading screen to reduce the load time. It can be expected to shorten the significant load time under SSD environment. (Under HDD environment does not seem to have much effect)

It’s useful if you have an SSD Like me.

10. No Ugly Plants And More – Invisible Vines Shrubs Brambles Grasses Etc By amber1019

Mod Description: Replaces a few landscape textures with a 1 KB invisible texture (to hide the objects) to help the landscape seem a little more clean, and not so wild. Twigs, vines, hedges, shrubs, moss, seaweed, some grasses, etc… They’re all invisible with this mod! Enjoy! (Easily delete the mod’s files at ANY time to bring back what you want to see again!)

It’s Just as the Mod Desc Says! If u don’t like green, and healthy things, you might be a sadist!

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