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Fallout 4 side quests by location

Fallout 4 Side Quests

Below is a list of side quests, which are unrelated/do not add to the main story line, that is sorted by location.


Map location:

Diamond City Blues Speak to Paul Pembroke at the Colonial Taphouse.

Confidence Man Enter the Dugout Inn once to activate the chance of gaining this quest. Then wait around for a guard to tell you that Vadim at the Dugout Inn is looking for you.

Out in Left Field Speak to Moe who sells baseball gear in the Diamond City Market.

Painting the Town Right down the back of Diamond City you will find Abbot painting the big green wall.

The Disappearing Act This side quest is only available once you have completed Unlikely Valentine. Should you have completed that, go into Valentine’s office and pick up the side quest inside Valentine’s Detective Agency. If you have not completed the pre-quest, head to Valentine’s Detective Agency behind the market place.

The Gilded Grasshopper You should be able to pick up a file within Valentine’s Detective Agency once you have completed the required quests as stated in the above side quest.

Botany Class Talk to Solomon, the chem guy in Diamond City Market.

Brother Against Brother When you first arrive in Diamond City, a fight between two of the brothers should break out in the middle of Diamond City Market.

Diamond City’s Most Wanted Inside Diamond City Security is a notice for the side quest on the notice board.

New Hair, New Face Head to the Salon at the entrance of the Diamond City Market.

Pool Cleaning Head right down the back of Diamond City and speak to Sheng at the end of the boardwalk.

There are more side quests available within Diamond City, however these are the quests with information available.


Map location:

Cambridge Polymer Labs Enter the building and you will be greeted by Molly who will supply you with this quest.


Map location:

Curtain Call To gain this quest, be within the broadcasting range of the Trinity Tower and listen to the broadcast on your radio.

*NOTE: You may also gain this quest at the WRVR broadcast station.



Map location:

Vault 81 Connect your pipboy to the entrance of the vault and talk to Overseer McNamara.

Dependency You will need to rescue Austin before talking to Tina De Luca for this quest.

Here Kitty, Kitty When you go into the Vault, a cat will escape, and as a result you can pick up this quest from Erin Combes.

Hole in the Wall Speak with Dr. Penske within the vault after completing the above side quest to activate this quest.

Short Stories Talk to Katy the teacher inside the vault to start this quest.


Map location:

Emogene Takes a Lover You will need to complete the mission Special Delivery before talking to Edward at the Cabot House for this quest. Special Delivery can be picked up at the same house.


Map location:

Here There Be Monsters Talk to Donny Kowalski at The Shamrock Taphouse for this quest.


Map location:

Human Error You may hear of this quest from other settlers or the like, otherwise just show up at the location and answer a few questions…


Map location:

Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution Approach the ship at the location and you will be greeted by a robot that will tell you to head up and enter the ship to meet Captain Ironsides.


Map location:

Mystery Meat Arrive at the given location and speak to Theodore to activate this quest.


Map location:

Order Up Talk to Wolfgang at this location to activate this quest.


Map location:

Pickman’s Gift After killing all the raiders at the named location, you can speak to Pickman to activate this quest.


Map location:

The Big Dig In a side street of Goodneighbor you will see a metal door that will have an eye latch open with a ghoul named Bobbi who will ask you to start this quest.

Public Knowledge Talk to Daisy, who is the ghoul at one of the first stores at the entry (Daisy’s Discounts). She will give you this quest.

The Memory Den At the back of Goodneighbor you will see a building called The Memory Den. Enter this building and talk to Irma. NOTE: You needed to have started Jewel of the Commonwealth for this to be available.

The Silver Shroud Also inside The Memory Den in a side room is a man called Kent. Speak to him to activate this quest.

Trouble Brewin’ Go to the Hotel Rexford and speak to Rufus Rubins for this quest.

Art Appreciation Find Hancock in Goodneighbor and ask for work. This should activate this quest.

Familiar Faces Also within the Hotel Rexford you will find an old friend who you can talk to.

Hazardous Material ALSO within Hotel Rexford you can talk to a man named Fred Allen and ask for work to activate this quest.

MacCready for Action You can find MacCready in the Third Rail in order to activate this quest.

Tough Times After meeting Hancock, you will have the chance to witness his speech up on the balcony of his building. This will allow you to witness other happenings later within Goodneighbor.


Map location:

Pull the Plug Arrive at this location and talk to Sully Mathis to begin this quest.


Map location:

The Devil’s Due Outside of the Museum you will find a body with a holotape. Listen to the holotape to activate this quest.


Map location:

Vault 75 Locate the school’s basement in order to activate this quest.


Map location:

Information on the side quests here is unavailable… But head to this location in order to activate them NOTE: Speak to Edward Deegan to activate location specific side quest.


Map location:

Troubled Waters Arrive at the given location and talk to Supervisor White to activate this quest.


Map location:

Search the Atomatoys Factory for Toy Parts Go to the location provided and speak to Arlen to obtain this side quest.


Map location:

Kid in a Fridge Using the map location provided, you will hear the voice of a kid who is stuck in a fridge! Find him to activate this quest!

Please note: This list does not consist of all available side quests, however has been collated with information available

Should you have any information on other side quests (must be outside the main story line) then please post them below and I will add them in should there be sufficient information.

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