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The Nuka World Raiders – to kill or not to kill?

Fallout 4 The Nuka World Raiders

Whenever a new game comes out in a series I like, I always play the previous installment on more time. It’s a tradition of mine, and Fallout 4 is no exception. I’ve been preparing for a few days now, deciding how my character will look and what they’ll wear, as well as what mods I will be using and how I’ll be handling certain quests.

But there’s one thing I’m kind of stumped on – Nuka World.

In this playthrough, I plan to be a morally good character. So, it would make sense for me to kill all the Raiders for that reason, right? But there’s just one thing – I’m not sure if I want to. Killing the Raiders is fun while you’re actually doing it and fighting through all the waves of enemies, but, afterwards, there’s hardly anything else to the DLC. For that reason, I’m considering keeping them alive.

Here are the two options I’m considering:

  • Don’t kill the Raiders, but be a kind-hearted Overboss. Go for the less cruel or evil solutions in everything. Be generally unfriendly with the gang leaders but be kind to the traders and slaves. Use a mod to skip settlement raiding, so I don’t fall out with the Minutemen or Preston Garvey. Maybe my character could be doing it for the greater-good, where they work as the Overboss but almost as a spy for the Minutemen. Like, I’m in charge of them, so I can keep an eye on what they and make sure they don’t expand outside of the park.
  • Kill the Raiders and free the slaves, but download a mod that allows you to make settlements out of the park’s various areas so it doesn’t fell like a ghost town. Also, use a mod to keep Gage loyal to me, because I do actually quite like him.

What do you guys think?

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