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All Workshop Locations & Resource Yields – Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Workshop Locations

One of my favourite pastime in Fallout 76 apart from the questing and exploration has been managing the various workshops and getting resources from them. They are great at giving you resources, fast xp from claiming/defend event, furniture plans, and provide a convenient free quick travel.

Here is a chart of all the workshops in Fallout 76 and their yields.

Link to the chart

Here are maps of their locations divided by region

  • Forest Region (Level –10):

  • Toxic Valley (Level 10-25):

  • Ash Heap Region (Level 25-35):

  • Savage Divide (Level 15+):

  • The Mire (Level 30+):

  • Cranberry Bog (Level 35+):

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