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Guide to Excavator Power Armor Mods and their Best Prices at Vendors – Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Excavator Power Armor Mods

I will go ahead and start by stating that if you have more updated information than what I put here, please make sure to drop it down in the comments and I will update here. Let’s begin.

Now in the most recent update to Fo76 Bethesda removed the randomness and server hopping necessary to get the various Mod Plans by simply having all of the vendors sell their appropriate plans in their inventory all of time. Good Move. However to make some of the mods more difficult to obtain, they jacked the prices up on the more desirable mods such as Calibrated Shocks, Jetpack, Stealthboy Etc. Now this post will exclusively be discussing the mods available for the Excavator, because that’s what more people have a full suit of.

Now the location of the vendor that sells the Excavator PA Mods are in Grafton and at the Camden Amusement Park. It is important to note that the Grafton vendor is not the one inside the Train Station, instead he is the one located inside a trading post inside the Town of Grafton itself. The Camden Park vendor is located beside the roller coaster near one of the Carnival games. Each of them sell the same mods, so it just a matter of fast travel distance. The Mods are sold as “Plan: Excavator (insert mod name)” in the Notes section of the vendors inventory. They vary in Price but that will be discussed later. Make sure to actually read the plan before attempting to make the modification.

The Various Mods for the Excavator are fairly simple to craft and only a few require Rare ingredients for some of the more exotic Mods. I will not be including a crafting ingredient list because I did not buy all of the mods. And before anyone asks, no you cannot get a Jetpack (at least not from the vendors) and also the Stealthboy and Various Headlamp Mods are not offered on the Excavator.

Now the pricing for the Mods varies but it seems to fall into 5 tiers of pricing. I used the Hard Bargain 3 Perk Card as well as Grape Mentats, which gives you the lowest available prices. I also collected the price with no Hard Bargain and just Grape Mentats, as well as the base prices with no perks.

Tier Mods

Tier 1 Mods) Best Price: 368 Caps Grape Mentats Only: 420 caps Base Price: 460 Caps

Optimized Bracers (Arms)

  • Reduces Action Point cost for power attacks

Sensor Array (Helmet)

  • Increases Perception by +2

Explosive Vent (Legs)

  • Increase damage radius of your Impact Landings

Internal Database (Helmet)

  • Increases Intelligence by +2

Motion Assist Servos (Chest)

  • Increases Strength by +2

Tier 2 Mods) Best Price: 1104 Grape Mentats Only: 1260 Base Price: 1380

Hydraulic Bracers (Arm)

  • Increases Unarmed Damage

Medical Pump (Chest)

  • Detects hits during combat and automatically uses a stimpack when health is low

Rusty Knuckles (Arm)

  • Unarmed Attacks cause bleeding damage

Tier 3 Mods) Best Price: 2208 Grape Mentats Only: 2520 Base Price: 2760

Blood Cleanser (Chest)

  • Reduces chance for chem addiction

Core Assembly (Chest)

  • Increases Action Point refresh speed

Kinetic Dynamos (Chest)

  • Taking damage replenishes action points

Kinetic Servos (Legs)

  • Increase Action point refresh speed while moving

Welded Rebar (?)


Tier 4 Mods) Best Price: 3680 Grape Mentats Only: 4200 Base Price: 4600

Emergency Protocols (Chest)

  • Below 20% health, speed increases 25% and incoming damage is reduced 50%.
  • +25% speed and +50% damage reduction when below 20% health

Optimized Servos (Legs)

  • Reduces Action Point cost from Sprinting

Overdrive Servos (Legs)

  • Increase Sprint Speed at additional Action point Cost

Tier 5 Mods) Best Price: 5520 (ouch) Grape Mentats Only: 6300 Base Price: 6900

Calibrated Shocks (Legs)

  • Increase Carry Weight by +50 (per leg)

Targeting HUD (Helmet)

  • Visor highlights living Targets

Reactive Plates (Chest)

  • Reflects 50% of melee damage back on the attacker

Tesla Coil (Chest)

  • Does energy damage to nearby targets


The best combination for Carry Weight would be Dual Calibrated Legs and a Motion Assist Servo Chest, for a +200 Carry Weight and an additional +2 strength. In terms of the cheapest, a full set of mods for every piece can be obtained for just short of 1500 caps, while not the greatest mods they will help spice up your basic armor. It should also be noted that for two calibrated legs you will need 10 Pure Violet Flux. Also make sure that when you purchase the more expensive mods that you always bankrupt the vendor of the caps he gets back into his inventory before purchasing another mod.

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