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Best Weapons in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Weapons

I’m level 31 now and I was wondering what are some of the best weapons in fallout 76? I’m planning on cleaning my inventory and don’t wanna get rid of good weapons.

Best Weapons

  • Best Rifle – Handmade Rifle
  • Best Shotgun – Pump Action
  • Best Heavy Weapon – Gatling gun
  • Best Explosive Weapon – Auto Grenade Launcher
  • Best Pistol – 10mm Pistol
  • Best Melee Two-Handed – Super Sledge
  • Best Melee One Handed – Power Fist
  • Best Melee Unarmed – Knuckles
  • And the Best Weapon in the Game – The Flare Gun… Nah, just kidding. The Handmade Rifle

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