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Unsolved: Best of Intentions Side Quest Walkthrough – Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Unsolved Best of Intentions

So I’m going to be doing guides for all 4 of the Side Quests from this update. We’ll start with Best of Intentions.

To get these side quests you need to go to Cal’s office and look at the map on the wall and read the four pieces of paper to the left and right of the map. Each one will include a brief description of what was sighted and what happened. Once you do that you will get four individual quests that all start with “Unsolved”. I’ll be making separate guides for each.

Part 1: Search Johnson’s farm for clues. Now the farm is an unmarked location south of Federal Disposal Site HZ-21. When you arrive you will notice 4-5 albino radstags roaming around the field, they are hostile and mine spawned at level 40 for all of them. Once they have been dispatched go to the house on the south side of the field and read the two notes there, one on the door, one on a table inside. Then go back to the barn and right through the front door look to your left and examine the green barrels. It will bring up a small message about their contents. Then proceed up the stairs and examine the blue glowing bottle, it will bring up another message. Then access the terminal and read all of the entries.

Part 2: Examine the Aerosolizer Now that you have read the entries, go outside and go to the big red thing in the field, impossible to miss. It will prompt you to take a sample. Once you have that sample return to the terminal and analyze the sample. It will reveal that something is in the air (trying to be ambiguous here).

Part 3: Learn the Truth about the Albino Creatures. Now go north to your quest marker, which is in between East Mountain Lookout and Kerwood Mine. I would recommend going to East Mountain lookout due to the cabin you are going to being easier to jump down to, as opposed to up to. Inside the cabin you will find a “confession note”. This concludes the quest. You can find the dog and his owners skeleton out on the balcony.

Reward (for me): 1 Bufftat, 1 Mentat

If this picks up any traction (ie upvotes) I will provide a summary of the story in the comments. Stay Weird Appalachia.

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