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I Am Become Death Solo – Fallout 76

So I have been enjoying 76 amidst all the bugs and poor reviews, but I typically play by myself since I like to go at my own pace exploring zones and doing quests and I hate feeling like I’m slowing somebody up.

I just hit level 67 and haven’t had much trouble doing any of the quests or areas solo, barring Scorchbeast attacks without any air defense around. But recently I was doing the ‘I Am Become Death’ quest for the Enclave and have been completely overwhelmed. I thought I was more than prepared with over 1000 rounds of 5mm for my Gatling gun and 800 rounds for my Tesla rifle. 500 .45 rounds for a legendary radium rifle that ignores 50% armor. All gone before I could reach the launch room.

I was wondering if this was this hard by design, if you’re supposed to go in there with a team of four or something. Typically there’s a (players suggested) thing in most MMOs for harder group content but I didn’t see it for this one.

Anyone been able to successfully solo this part, or if I’m crazy for attempting it is there a thread where people can post looking for a group to bang this out? I’ve been putting it off for awhile now and exploring but I’ve grown tired of not doing any quests and mindlessly clearing unmarked locations.


The first couple times I did it solo was a slog as you describe. Now they are not an issue for me, mostly because I know exactly what I will be facing in each section of the complex.

Make sure you have the 3 hacking perk cards equipped so you can hack the terminals and turn off the turrets and robobrains. You can also remove the targeting restrictions on the turrets and robobrains and have them attack the other robots, but then you don’t get the XP for killing them.

Here is what I take with me on a nuke run now.

  • 10 nuka grenades
  • Instigating Grognak Axe (Double damage if target is at full health)
  • All Rise (Super Sledge, reduced weight, health +10)
  • Troubleshooter’s Sub Machine Gun (+30% damage to robots)
  • 500 rounds of .45 ammo (minimum)

I usually have to repair my Grognak Axe once during the run because that is the main weapon I use. All Rise is my backup melee weapon for when the Axe breaks. The sub machine gun makes quick work of the lower level robots early on. I mostly bring it just as a change of pace from the melee. The nuka grenades I mostly use when entering an area I know will have a bunch of assaultrons waiting for me.

The thing that made a huge difference for me initially was hacking the terminals and turning off the turrets. That makes things a lot more pleasant.

A couple final tips

Make sure you have a couple nuclear key cards when you enter the silo, because if you type the code in wrong, it eats your card.

When you get to the point you can actually launch the nuke, go back and find a crafting station. Scrap junk etc. to make sure you are able to fast travel when you launch. First time I launched I was over encumbered and had to spend most of the countdown dumping stuff from my inventory. Got to the nuke zone just after the bomb hit so I didn’t get to take a photo of my first mushroom cloud.

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