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19 Fallout 76 Mutations Visualized

Fallout 76 Mutations

I enjoy Fallout 76 and all the random mutations and diseases they’ve thrown into the new game, but I thought it’d be WAY more interesting if when I randomly mutated talons and marsupial legs it would have horrible, horrible visual effects on my character, so with that in mind I started doodling these up in my spare time.

Mutations Visualized

Adrenal Reaction; +Weapon DMG at low HP Max HP -50

Bird Bones; AG +4, Fall from heights more gradual STR -4

Carnivore; No disease from Meat and 2x bonus to Food from eating meat products. Eating fruits, and vegetables does not satisfy hunger.

Chameleon; Invisibility in combat if unarmored and standing still. Must be unarmored, stationary, and not attacking for effect to work.

Eagle Eyes; Critical Damage +25%, PER +4 STR -4

Egg Head; INT +6 STR -3, END -3

Electrically Charged; Chance to shock melee attackers. Small amount of damage done to player 40%

Empath; Teammates take 25% less damage. Player takes 33% more damage

Was going for a nice soft face with a possible psychic brain tumor on the forehead for this one with the idea of “Man I REALLY wanna beat that person’s face in before I attack all these other people..”

Grounded; Energy Resistance +100 Energy Damage -50%

(..yah I know what some of are you gunna say but I was aiming more for a rubber skinned look because it was either that or draw roots coming out of a persons toes and rubber skin seems a bit more interesting and less likely to root a person in place, though people growing plants out of them isn’t a new thing to the setting…)

Healing Factor; Health Regeneration while not in combat +300% Chem Effects -55% (Wade your face looks like an avocado!)

Herbivore Vegetables provides x2 benefit and no disease, Eating meat doesn’t satisfy hunger

Herd Mentality; All SPECIAL stats +2 when grouped, All SPECIAL stats -2 when solo

Marsupial; Carry weight +20, +jump height INT -4

Plague Walker; Poison aura scaling with your diseases

Scaly Skin; Damage and Energy Resistance +50 AP -50

Speed Demon; Movement speed +20%, faster reload +20% +50% drain on hunger and thirst while moving

Talons; Punching attacks do 25% more damage + bleed damage AGI -4

Twisted Muscles; Melee damage +25%, better chance to cripple limbs, Gun accuracy -50%

Unstable Isotope; Medium chance to release a radiation blast when struck in melee. Minor damage to player during the radiation blast 10%

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