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Comprehensive Power Armor and Mods Guide – Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Power Armor Mods

Hello, there fellow survivors! I’m a long time Power Armor artisan and I’ve been serving PS4 community with their power armor needs since late ’18. I’ve served over 150 survivors on my humble campenstein with PA services. I mod the heck out of power armors, do paint jobs, provide repair/crafting services and literally anything and everything about power armors. If you’d like to learn more about what I do, and how I do, please check my post history for testimonials. I take my power armor art seriously and my goal is to make your PA dreams come true. In this guide, I’d like to share what I know about power armors, compile and complete knowledge about mods, sets, and common builds.

But I feel like we could all benefit from a deep down analysis of available PA mods and comparisons of different sets (X01, T series, excavator etc.). There is some confusion about how to get mods for power armors, what exactly some of these mods do and which power armor offers the best protection, and I’m aiming to shed light onto this matter. I’ll also be listing material costs for each mods as well but they sometimes differ between power armors. It’s important to remember X-01 mods are currently do not have plans thus not craftable, and Ultracite and excavator armor may require some Ultracite or Black Titanium in addition to materials listed in this guide.

I’d like to improve this guide with the feedback from you, so please shoot your questions, ideas, and comments.

Power Armors and Stats in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Power Armor

There are 3 main properties for power armors. Damage resistance (DR), Energy Resistance (ER) and Radiation Resistance (RR). All stats in this guide are max level set totals for easy comparison. These totals do change if the sets are repaired to 200% using Fix it Good perk, as this perk increases damage resistance in line with durability by up to 30-50 points in total.


Excavator PA is a new addition to Fallout series, first appearing in Fallout 76. Its a prototype power armor that wasn’t mass produced before the great war. Designed for mining purposes, Excavator has some unique advantages for both carry weight and ore mining. A full set of Excavator even without any mods would give +100 carry weight to its users. This is big, and even though it has the lowest stats of all, a well modded Excavator set may do wonders. Also, equipping excavator set quadruples the ore yield when you line a mineral/metal.

DR 240 ER 240 RR 366


The big, bad and nasty Raider Power Armor is a classic. It’s a visually stunning badass that has the best looks (in my honest opinion) but unfortunately possess somewhat mediocre stats. This should not fool you as it has drastically higher stats than bellowed Excavator. Thus, it’s fairly cheap to repair and maintain, and available to all starting from level 15.

DR 340 ER 340 RR 340


Yet another classic, T45 is an underdog. It has merely average stats but it makes up for it with cheap repair costs and high customizability. T45 is available from level 25 which makes it somewhat valuable on lower levels but not very useful later on.

DR 360 ER 360 RR 360


All hail to T-51b, the king of damage resistance! T51b has the highest damage resistance and energy resistance in the game along with deep customizability options. It’s highly underrated as people somehow feel like T60 is supposedly better with its higher number denomination. Yet, T-51b is a beast when it comes to taking a hit. It’s highly modifiable and has quite the selection of paint jobs available. One of my personal favorites, it’s my go to power armor when it comes to killing.

DR 455 ER 455 RR 310


A brotherhood of steel classic, T-60 is the pinnacle of T series. It lags behind T51b in stats, but it has very appealing look and customizability with a great selection of BOS paints available. It’s very cheap to repair a T60 set, it has solid stats overall and there is a good selection of mods available for one.

DR 400 ER 370 RR 415


Prototype X01 is available to craft after finishing the corresponding Enclave quest. It’s a very advanced looking power armor with some very good stats. X01 mods cannot be crafted and therefore have to be purchased specifically from enclave vendors in the bunker command room. It’s a highly overrated set of power armor that can be quite difficult to obtain mods for. I consider T51b and Ultracite to be more viable alternatives.

DR 400 ER 455 RR 453


Ultracite Power Armor is also a prototype power design, available after the completion of corresponding BOS quest line. It has some of the highest stats of all but also has the highest maintenance and crafting costs as well. Ultracite PA mods are craftable, but their plans are only available as rare drops from the SBQ. There are plenty of modders in the community just like me but overall mod availability is considerably low and a little limiting.

DR 454 ER 395 RR 395


Ballistic or physical damage is more common in this game than energy damage, making DR the most important attribute for power armors. Increased DR enables you to take more hits than you would for less damage. Radiation resistance is virtually irrelevant, as all of the power armors provide already excellent radiation resistance in nuke zones. Difference between higher and lower RR properties would account to roughly 1 rad/s more or less radiation in nuke zones, which is either a few more seconds before using the next radaway or literally irrelevant with the presence of rad sponge perk and a team. Therefore, T51b and Ultracite are the best choices for protection. X01 and T60 are equally valuable, whereas X01 takes a leap forward with its best in class radiation resistance and energy resistance. Excavator has the worst overall DR and ER thus offering the least favorable protection. T45 and Raider are almost on par with their stats, customizability and low level availability make them equally viable, though I’d prefer Raider PA because of its lower level of availability (Level 15) and unique look. We should mention that T60, Raider, and T45 are very cheap to repair. T51b and X01 are somewhat similarly expensive, while Excavator and Ultracite require specific rare materials (Black titanium or ultracite in corresponding order) to repair. Power Armors ranking according to their stats and advantages (this ranking is subjective):

T51b > Ultracite > X01 > T60 > T45 ≥ Raider > Excavator

Power Armor Mods and Their Usefulness

Although it is easy to find descriptions for available power armors mods in the game, there is a some confusion regarding how do they work. In this section, I’ll try to explain each and every mod available in the game with their availability and cost to craft them.

Material costs listed on this guide can differ for different PA sets. For example, Ultracite PA requires Ultracite for crafting most of it mods, while Excavator may require some black titanium.


Helmet Mods

Internal Database: +2 Intelligence

Intelligence is an important SPECIAL stat for crafting and finding high durability items while surviving. The problem is, its not possible to craft items while being inside a power armor. This situation makes Internal Database as the least favorable helmet mod of all, because there are much more useful choices.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 11 Adhesive, 11 Aluminum, 11 Crystal, 11 Fiber Optics

Recon Sensors: Sighted aiming marks enemies with a compass pip

A hidden gem, recon sensors may become especially useful in PVP situations. Any target you aim is marked with an arrow above their head, followed with a compass marker down below. This feature renders Stealth Boy virtually useless and can definitely add a drastic advantage to its benefactor. Recon sensors are only available for X01, as a purchasable mod from the bunker.

Available for: X-01

Sensor Array: +2 Perception

Added perception bonus is always a welcome addition. Ability to detect enemies and having a few bonus points to VATS is good. Unfortunately, VATS is not the best solution in a Power Armor as it may drain fusion cores faster than ever.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 9 Adhesive, 9 Aluminum, 6 Fiber Optics, 9 Fiberglass

Targeting Hud: Visor highlights living enemies

One of the most popular choices for the helm, Targeting HUD highlights living targets with a hint of red. It’s useful, very useful as it helps to visually identify creatures. Sometimes it can get difficult to identify creatures in nuke zones and dark places, therefore Targeting HUD comes as a valuable helmet mod.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 17 Adhesive, 17 Aluminum, 14 Circuitry, 17 Copper, 5 Crimson Flux

VATS Matrix Overlay: Increased VATS Hit chance

This mod increases VATS hit chance by 10%. It’s a welcome addition. Use of VATS is problematic inside power armors as it may increase fusion core consumption. Although being inexistent as a plan, VATS matrix overlay is available to purchase from many different vendors for T series, and can be found in the bunker for X01. Available for: T Series, X-01

Arm Mods

Hydraulic Bracers: Increased unarmed damage

It is not possible to use unarmed weapons like gauntlets and knuckles inside a power armor and some of the arm mods try to make up for it by increasing damage.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 11 Adhesive, 11 Aluminum, 11 Oil, 16 Steel

Optimized Bracers: Reduces Action Point cost for Power Attacks

Optimized bracers are the most useful arm mod in the game as they do help a lot to melee builds by reducing action points costs for power attack. This means more damage in shorter AP refresh intervals.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Materials Cost: 11 Adhesive, 11 Aluminum, 13 Ceramic, 12 Rubber

Rusty Knuckles: Unarmed attacks cause bleeding damage

These add bleeding damage to your unarmed attacks. Still, bare PA fists are not very viable and there are better melee alternatives.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 13 Adhesive, 13 Aluminum, 16 Ceramic, 16 Steel

Tesla Bracers: Adds Energy damage to Unarmed attacks.

Added energy damage is not very significant but it may become somewhat fun to have sparks coming from your bare metal fists.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS (Ultracite is questionable)

Material Cost: 13 Adhesive, 13 Aluminum, 13 Ceramic, 16 Steel, 5 Cobalt Flux

Torso Mods

Blood Cleanser: Reduces chance for addiction from drugs

This one is for junkies who continuously consume chems (psycho, buffout, fury etc.) to buff their damage and stats. I didn’t do thorough testing with this one, but it supposedly helps decreasing chances of addiction. Unless you are a chem maniac who actively crafts and consumes many chems as they wander, I don’t think this one offers any benefits at all.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 13 Aluminum, 13 Adhesive, 13 Antiseptic, 13 Rubber, 5 Fluorescent Flux

Core Assembly: Increases Action Point refresh speed.

Who would say no to increased ap refresh while inside a power armor? Core assembly does just this, and it noticeably decreases time it takes to replenish precious AP. Its freedom in some sense. Freedom to wait less for the next power attack or making a last rush to take cover. Thus, it works great with perks like dodgy to negate incoming damage. Combined with some ap enhancing leg mods, core assembly is a solid choice.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 13 Adhesive, 13 Aluminum, 10 Circuitry, 7 Nuclear Material, 5 Yellowcake Flux

Emergency Protocols: Below 20% health, speed increases 25% and incoming damage is reduced 50%.

Friend of bloodied/unyielding builds, emergency protocols are one on my favorite torso mods. If you like playing low on health this one is for you. When your health goes below 20%, Emergency protocols negates half of the incoming damage. This is huge, and its possible to notice the added toughness it brings. There is also some speed increase which is surely a welcome addition but having to withstand more damage while dealing heck of a damage with bloodied weapons is huge.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 15 Adhesive, 15 Aluminum, 12 Circuitry, 8 Nuclear Materials, 5 Violet Flux

Jet Pack: Grants the ability of vertical flight at the cost of AP

A fallout classic, jetpack adds a new dimension to how you explore. Ability to fly for a brief period time opens up a whole new world.

Available for: T series, X-01

Material Cost: 17 Adhesive, 17 Aluminum, 14 Asbestos, 9 Nuclear Material, 5 Cobalt Flux, 5 Violet Flux

Kinetic Dynamo: Taking damage restores Action Points

Action points can become valuable for power attackers and dodgy users, thus kinetic dynamo comes as a valuable solution for those who’d like to restore their AP inside a power armor. With each hit you take, your AP refreshes a little, just like how vampire legendary effect refreshes health when triggered.

Available for: T series, X01, Raider

Material Cost: 13 Adhesive, 13 Aluminum, 10 Antiseptic, 19 Ceramic, 16 Rubber, 5 Cobalt Flux

Medic Pump: Auto-Injects a stimpak when health goes below 50%

Medic pump works like that perk, which enables you to use a stimpak automatically while low on health. This is similar to auto stim legendary effects for armor. Again, there is a perk for it which renders medic pump somewhat unnecessary.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 12 Aluminum, 12 Adhesive, 12 Antiseptic, 12 Circuitry, 4 Yellowcake Flux

Motion Assist Servos: +2 Strength

One of the cheapest and commonly available mods, Motion Assist Servos add precious strength points to your build. It is a welcome addition that not only increases your carry weight but also your melee damage. There are many other great alternatives to this one but its the perfect choice for Excavator to maximize carry weight potential

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 11 Adhesive, 11 Aluminum, 13 Rubber, 12 Spring, 14 Steel

Reactive Plates: Reflects 50% of damage back to the attacker

One of the popular torso mod choices, reactive plates reflects half of the incoming damage to the attacker. However, you still get full incoming damage. There is a confusion regarding whether this mod reflects melee damage only but it works for all the damage. It’s a very useful mod for tagging enemies and while on PVP.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 17 Adhesive, 17 Aluminum, 14 Asbestos, 9 Nuclear Material, 16 Rubber, 5 Fluorescent Flux

Stealth Boy: Activates a stealth field while crouched

One of my personal favorites, Stealth boy works as described. When you crouch, you gain a full stealth field, but it consumes your action points while you are crouched. The consumption is somewhat minor but the added stealth benefit is huge. Great for PVP, stealth boy works like the chameleon legendary effect for armors.

Available for: T series, X01

Material Cost: 17 Adhesive, 17 Aluminum, 14 Circuitry, 14 Fiber optics, 14 Gold, 5 Fluorescent Flux

Tesla Coils: Deals constant Energy Damage in a small area

Who would say no to consistently damaging nearby enemies? Tesla coils is great for tagging nasty creatures. Perfect for nuke zones, with Tesla coils you just have to run around enemies to be able to obtain xp and loot until they die. It’s a must for leveling up fast.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 17 Adhesive, 17 Aluminum, 17 Copper, 14 Fiber Optics, 20 Rubber, 5 Yellowcake Flux

Welded Rebar: Enemies take damage from successful melee attacks

This is a confusing one, because until today there wasn’t a clear explanation of what exactly Welded Rebar does. The definition is confusing, and somewhat unclear. According to my tests, it works just like the reactive plates, but for melee damages. Unlike reactive plates however, if the welded rebar reflects back full melee damage, and you get 0 damage from it. This is definitely a great feature.

Available for: Ultracite, Excavator, Raider

Material Cost: 17 Aluminum, 17 Adhesive, 13 Ballistic Fiber, 13 Steel

Leg Mods

Calibrated shocks: +50 carry weight

The most popular mod piece in the game by far, calibrated shocks can add up to a total of 100 pounds of precious carry weight to your choice of power armor. It’s one of the most useful mod piece in this game that requires little to no introduction.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 17 Aluminum, 17 Adhesive, 17 Fiberglass, 5 Violet Flux

Explosive Vent: Increases damage radius for Impact Landing

A seemingly great idea that unfortunately doesn’t work. Yes, having an explosive vent does not make any difference to impact landing or anything as of now. Explosive vents is bugged/glitched since the beginning of this game that literally does nothing.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 11 Aluminum, 11 Adhesive, 11 Asbestos, 11 Nuclear Material

Kinetic servos: Increases Action Point refresh speed while moving

In fallout 76, action point refresh differs according to whether you are standing still or moving. Kinetic servos increases AP refresh speed while moving to standing still standards.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 13 Aluminum, 13 Adhesive, 13 Nuclear Material, 5 Fluorescent Flux

Optimized servos: Reduces Action Point cost for sprinting

One of the least known wonders, optimized servos drastically reduces AP cost for sprinting. It works like the marathoner perk but for power armors. You’ll be surprised to see how long you can sprint with optimized servos on.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 14 Aluminum, 14 Adhesive, 14 Fiberglass, 14 Spring, 4 Cobalt Flux

Overdrive servos: Increases Sprint speed at additional Action Point cost

Overdrive servos do increase your sprint speed, but it drastically increases AP consumption as well. I don’t like using overdrive servos too much as there is already mutations for increasing speed, and action points are too valuable to drain quickly.

Available for: ALL POWER ARMORS

Material Cost: 14 Aluminum, 14 Adhesive, 14 Fiberglass, 14 Spring, 4 Crimson Flux

Recommended Power Armor Builds

In this section, I’d like to present my mod recommendations for each unique set. It is possible to mix and match and use one of the recommended builds on another set (depending on availability). I just wanted to propose some creative ideas for mod selection.

Atlascavator (Excavator)

This build can give up to 210 carry weight if used on Excavator. This is definitely huge, and would be the difference between survival and death. Helmet: Targeting HUD Torso: Motion-assist Servos Arms: Optimized Bracers Legs: Calibrated shocks

Bloody Tank (T-51b)

If you are a fan of bloodied builds like me (low health for increased damage) this is the one to go. Emergency protocols would turn any damage into tiny slap damage when you are below 20% health. You would be surprised to see how much you can sustain damage with this.

Helmet: Targeting HUD

Torso: Emergency Protocols

Arms: Optimized Bracers

Legs: Calibrated Shocks

Sparkling Lead Juice (Raider)

This is especially good for tagging enemies to farm XP on lower levels. Electric fists are also very fun thing to use when you get bored.

Helmet: Targeting HUD

Torso: Tesla Coils

Arms: Tesla Bracers

Legs: Calibrated Shocks

Stealth Assassin (X-01)

As a PvP specialist, The Stealth Assassin can mark the targets using the recon sensors and stay hidden while crouched with stealth boy torso mod. I sometimes use X01 helmet on other sets just to be able to take advantage of recon sensors as its only available for X01.

Helmet: Recon Sensors

Torso: Stealth Boy

Arms: Optimized Bracers

Legs: Calibrated Shocks

Brotherhood of VATS (T-60)

Although VATS is not recommended with Power Armors, this build can take advantage of increased VATS hits chance and increased AP refresh speed to quickly clean up a dungeon with VATS hits. Make sure to stock up fusion cores before you use this one.

Helmet: VATS Matrix Overlay

Torso: Core Assembly or Kinetic Dynamo

Arms: (any)

Legs: Calibrated Shocks or Optimized Servos

Queen’s Husband (Ultracite)

Who would say no to reflecting back some damage to the nasty SBQ right? Well, Queen’s Husband will surely tame his lady with some taste of its own power.

Helmet: Targeting HUD

Torso: Reactive Plates or Welded Rebar

Arms: Optimized Servos

Legs: Calibrated Shocks

All Night Long (T-45)

Combined with optimized servos, core assembly can turn your power armor into a sprinting machine. You can almost travel from Whitesprings golf club to the station with just a single sprint.

Helmet: Sensor Array

Torso: Core Assembly

Arms: (any)

Legs: Optimized Servos

If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please share them in comments. Also, you can find me on any platform with my u/ I’d be more than happy to answer your questions and help with your PA needs.

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